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What is whey protein?

Oct 15, 2010

Whey protein is one of 2 types of protein that comes from milk (the other being casein protein). It's made during the process of cow's milk being turned into cheese. When the milk is being turned into cheese, the whey protein is a by-product. I know it doesn't sound to appetizing, but this product offers a lot of benefit when added to your training and nutrition regimen. Found in whey protein are things called branched chain amino acids. These are three of our most important simple protein molecules that make up about a third of our skeletal muscles. They are responsible for the protein synthesis--a process of creating new muscle tissue from the amino acids already in our muscles.

I bet you may be wondering, "What does this mean for me?" Well, if you are an active exerciser who lifts weights, new muscle tissue is your goal. Without proper nutrition following your workouts, your body won't be as capable of repairing or creating new muscle tissue. Within 30 minutes following a strenuous workout, your muscles are most susceptible to nutrient absorption. This is the perfect time to take in a healthy protein shake. You'll reap the benefits of increased lean muscle mass, decreased recovery time, faster muscle repair, and increased metabolic rate.


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