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Titleist Performance Institute Update

Oct 17, 2011

I'm just back from a weekend seminar in Rhode Island--can't say that's my favorite place I've visited, BUT I brought back with me a LOT of priceless information and a more developed skill set!

I was there for a Titleist Performance Institute seminar, specific to fitness professionals who are already certified through TPI. And what does this mean for Fitness Together and YOU? Well, this seminar was designed to polish our skills in screening and exercise programming for golfers such as you, perhaps.

With this new protocol and access to a WORLD of research provided to me by Titleist, I can take golf fitness training to an even greater level. After rigorous screening protocol, movement analysis, strength, power and cardiovascular assessment, Level 2 certified golf fitness folks such as myself can customize specific exercise programs that will certainly make for a better swing and a better game. Not to mention how much better you'd feel off the course!

I'm so excited to have had this opportunity and I look forward to hearing from golfers throughout the Triad! Call if you have any questions!


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