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Tips to keep it Simple

Jul 22, 2014

What are easy and simple steps we can do daily to lose weight steadily and maintain a slimmer, leaner composition? A combination of diet and exercise is of course ideal, but if it comes time to choose and you must make the best choice available, here are five pointers that you can use to fit into your extremely busy and stressful life.

  1. The two third’s rule: At each meal, take what you had originally intended to eat, cut out a third of it, and eat only what remains. This will move you towards a caloric deficit and help you steadily decrease your calorie count without starving yourself.
  2. Eat slowly: This will allow you to savor the food, and it will also allow for your brain to have enough time to realize when you have been satisfied.
  3. Drink water: a half glass of water before, and another half after, will fill up your stomach and make you feel less eager to reach for junk food in between meals. Also, many folks mistake thirst for hunger.
  4. Listen to your body: If you come to dinner and realize you are not hungry, for example, it is perfectly fine to skip the meal, or eat a much smaller meal. Just because it is a scheduled time for a meal does not mean you are required to eat it. Take some time to feel how your appetite really is…. Which leads us to…
  5. Know your cravings: Do you really want ice cream? Or will a bite of a banana satisfy that craving? Do you really have to finish the large pizza, or would some salt sprinkled over a couple of scrambled eggs have the same satiating effect?


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