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Tips for Surviving the Flu Season

Dec 1, 2012

If you've been outside lately (and hopefully you have!) you've notcied the change in the weather. Plus, you may have noticed that EVERYONE around you is getting sick. Sneezing, coughing, runny noses...yuck! Now is the perfect opportunity to give you the rundown on some tips to help you survive the flu season like a champ!

  • Up your antioxidant intake: Make sure you're eating enough immune-boosting foods that contain vitamins A, C, and B's and minerals...think COLORFUL veggies. Also, increase your intake of foods rich in vitamin E, like nuts and leafy greens
  • Fight with Phytochemicals: These are the beneficial chemicals found in plants. Add more dark leafy greens, along with red and yellow vegetables to your diet.
  • RELAX!: To make sure your immune response is good and strong, you have to avoid stress at all costs. At least minimize the stressors that you can and take time to do something for yourself.
  • Get your sleep: Not getting enough sleep will put a damper on how quickly your immune system can (and will) respond. Make an effort to get eight hours of sleep in each night. And, if you feel like a nap on the weekends, by all means...TAKE A NAP!
  • Keep your hands off of your face: The easiest way to contract the cold and flu virus is through the membranes in your eyes, nose and mouth. Keep 'em clean and off of others and yourself.
  • Get some fresh air: This will get you out of the stuffy, heated, dry environment of your office or household (central heating actually allows bacteria to grow!) and it will give you an excuse for a little extra activity for the day!

Now if you've headed down the cold and flu path already this season, here are some tips to get you through possibly a little quicker.

  • Blow it out: Blow your nose regularly, making sure you're not blowing too hard and too loud. Cover one nostril at a time and blow gently. This will help get rid of the mucus build up in the nasal canal.
  • Gargle: This will moisten the throat and stamp out that tickle that is so darn annoying. Try lemon juice in two cups of water to sooth the achy, inflamed tissues in the throat.
  • Try some broth: We know you don't fee like eating when you feel like crap. However, you have to make sure you're eating in order to speed your recovery. Incorporate broth-based soups to insure adequate hydration and soothing of inflamed tissues of the nose and throat. Veggies and protein in the soup will help give your body the energy to fight the cold or flu.
  • Soothe a sore snoot: We've all experienced the sore, red, flaky nose that comes with blowing and wiping all day long. Dab a little mentholated salve under the nostrils. Use one that has menthol, eucalyptus or camphor--these will help relieve the soreness and heal the inflammation.

If you've been under the weather or have remained in tip-top condition, you still have to take good care of yourself. Remember to continue with your regular healthy eating habits. Exercise when you want unless you're running a fever or are having GI distress. Otherwise, you are good to continue with activity. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call anytime! Happy flu fighting!


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