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The Best Breakfast for Fat Loss Success

Oct 14, 2015

If you’ve ever talked food with me, you know that I love to eat AND that my favorite meal of the day is breakfast. I like it so much that I like to think of sleep as the time machine that takes me right to breakfast the next day! Not only is this part of my “me time” morning ritual, but I know that my breakfast is priming my body to burn fat for fuel for the remainder of the rest of the day.

“What is this magical unicorn fuel you speak of Blair?” The truth is that there’s no magic to it. My breakfast is simple, easy and delicious and I can count on it lasting well into the day—so I’m not experiencing energy lulls and the urge to down a Vente Mocha Frappacino and a pumpkin scone by 10:00am.

Let’s cut to the chase: My breakfast ALWAYS consists of two things—protein and healthy fat. When I feel like it, I’ll throw something fibrous in there just to add variety. Combined, protein and fat provide me with the nutrients to “break” my overnight “fast” and give me sustainable, slowly released energy for the day. If I added fibrous veggies I get the added benefit of more nutrients and bulk that makes me feel like I’m eating a lot more.

“But what about my oatmeal? Isn’t that supposed to stick to my ribs and start me off on the right foot?” Simple answer: Not a fan. Well, I’m not a fan if your goal is sustainable fat loss—which should be anyone’s goal who wants to remain fit and live a long and healthy life! See, the carbohydrates found in things like oatmeal, cereals and other carb-y things give our bodies a quick, readily available source of energy in the form of sugar. When sugar is in abundance, your body says, “Hi body fat, I’d like to use you for energy BUT there’s so much sugar floating around, I think I’ll stick to using that.” Not only is this the case, but if you start your day off with a heavy dose of carbs, you’ll more likely start the craving-splurge-crash cycle right off bat. You don’t want that!

Solution: Begin your day with a serving of quality protein accompanied by some healthy fat. When you’d like, add a little fibrous vegetation. What does this look like? Have a look below…

  • Scrambled eggs and bacon
  • Sliced steak and avocado
  • Omelet with mushrooms and spinach
  • Hamburger patty with a sunny side up egg on top
  • Hash made with cubed ham, peppers and onions

Now, I know many of you aren’t even avid breakfast eaters. Does this mean you should just start downing protein and healthy fat even if it means forcing yourself to eat when you aren’t in the slightest bit hungry? Not really. Start small. Try getting a high quality protein powder (I prefer a plant-based one for hypoallergenic purposes and effects on insulin levels) and blending it with some full-fat coconut milk—you could even go wild and crazy and throw a handful or two of raw spinach in there! OR, if you’re a coffee drinker in the morning add some heavy cream or blend your brew with some coconut oil. At least you’re getting some healthy fat into your morning cup.

I know this may seem like a big change for many of you. But, it can be one smalls step in the right direction to achieving lasting fat loss. If you’re feeling like you need a little extra help down that road, feel free to send me an email with questions. I’d love to hear from you! Happy breakfast-ing!


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