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The Benefits of Plyometrics

Dec 15, 2011

You hear your trainer throwing around the word "plyometrics" during various exercises, but what the heck does it mean and how does it benefit you?! Plyometrics are a repetitive jumping, bounding or pushing motion that lengthens and shortens the muscles to improve strength and power. Squat jumps, one leg hops, burpies and jumping jacks are all considered plyometric exercises.

Performing these exercises for 3 sets, 30 seconds each, 1-3 times per week, will not only improve your strength and power, but will improve balance, posture and flexibility. Plyometrics, when performed properly, also reduce the occurence of injury through the enhancement of the brain's ability to percieve the position of body parts. These dynamic, resistance exercises are not just beneficial for athletes, but for anyone who wants to maintain an active, injury free lifestyle.

So, how do you know if plyometrics are right for you?

Idea Fitness Journal, gives you 7 reasons to consider: to introduce a unique training method, to enhance neuromuscular proprioception in the upper and lower body, to increase power in target muscles, to increase muscular strength, to improve certain aspects of one's sports participation, to increase mobility in selected joints and to add a challenge to your typical workout program. If any of these reasons strike a cord with you, then give "plyos" a try in your next workout!


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