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Stretch for Success!

Jun 17, 2013

Stretching is one of the five components that should be a part of every exercise routine. The other four components are warm-up, resistance (strength) training, cardiovascular training, and cool down. Stretching often gets over looked. It is important to stretch after each workout because it improves flexibility, circulation, balance and coordination, and reduces back pain. Improving your flexibility will help lengthen your muscles which will help prevent muscle strains. The shorter and tighter your muscles are the more at risk you are at for an injury. Improving your circulation will allow more blood flow to reach your muscles to allow for the body to remove waste products from the muscles and nourishes the muscles. Often times a person's lower back hurts because of their hamstrings, gluteus, and hips are tight. Stretching these areas will help improve your pain in this trouble area. Being able to hold static stretches for the proper amount of time requires great muscle endurance and core strength which is also another benefit of stretching.

There four main types of stretching static, dynamic, PNF (Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) which requires special training, and ballistic (which should not be done). The two most common types of stretching are static and dynamic. Static stretching is what we do at the end of our sessions at FT. Everyone should hold a static stretch for at least 30 seconds to see the benefits. For better results hold each stretch for 60-90 seconds and for the best results hold for 3-5 minutes. One way to help your stretching routine is to take our stretch pack sessions. They are 45 min in length and are a great way to improve your flexibility.

Dynamic stretching is another type of stretching that can be done as a solid warm up. A dynamic warm can be explained as stretching as you are moving. It is an excellent way to warm up your body before any type of exercise regardless of your activity. Some types of dynamic activities are jump roping, lunges, high knees, and butt kickers.

Overall stretching has great benefit to your health and is often a way to continue to improve your performance and avoid a plateau. We offer a stretch pack session at FT. The next class is scheduled for Saturday, June 29 at 900 and 945 am. Also there will be more sessions scheduled as demand increases. There needs to be at least two people to have a class and no more than six in each class. If you wish to learn more about these sessions please contact Blair.


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