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Stay Smart on Vacay!

May 27, 2013

If you’re like most of your fellow Americans, you’re probably in the midst of either going on vacation soon or planning a getaway for later in the summer. It’s definitely something to look forward to, but sometimes it comes with its downsides. By downsides, I’m referring to being off your regular routine just enough to upset your normal body rhythms when it comes to sleep and (yes, I’m going to say it!) bathroom habits. Nobody wants their leisurely vacation to be spent with sleepless nights or bathroom-less days! There are some things you can do to prevent issues in either of these areas so you can spend that time doing the things that you’ve been looking forward to all year long.

First and foremost you want to make sure you’re committed to staying somewhat clean with your eating. Yes, you can splurge a little—it’s vacation for crying out loud! However, too much splurging and you can have major setbacks, especially if you’re in the middle of trying to get and keep weight off. If you do indulge, spend it on one “luxury” item per meal by choosing either the bread/pasta, the alcohol, or the dessert. Don’t do more than one and certainly don’t just say “Oh well” and binge on all three. You’ll regret it for more reasons than one.

Second, make sure to take a few supplements with you to help keep your system functioning optimally. You should already be taking a good quality, high-potency probiotic just for day-to-day immune health and digestive balance. Don’t go on vacation without it—you never know what you can come in contact with when you’re in an unusual environment. Also, we’ve all experienced a touch of irregularity when it comes to you-know-what when we’re out of town. To prevent vacation-induced constipation, take a bottle of magnesium with you and supplement each night before bed to keep you good and regular while you’re out of town. The magnesium will also help you sleep if you have trouble in that area when in a strange bed.

Third, just because it’s vacation doesn’t mean vacay away from exercise! You have to keep moving—you either use it or lose it. If exercise is part of your routine, you can’t just omit it when you’re away. Your body expects it by now and will reward you with a goodnight’s sleep and a feeling of pride just in knowing that you hit the gym at the hotel or resort. Plus, you’ll get to brag to your trainer that you didn’t skimp on working out while you were away!

Lastly, stay hydrated! Summer vacations typically mean something tropical and lots of sunshine and outside time. Since you’ll be off of your normal routine, it’ll be hard to remember to drink plenty of water like you do when you’re in your regular grind. This, too, will help keep all bodily systems in check and will also aid in recovery from any plane flights if you’re doing long-distance travel.

Keeping these few things in mind and taking my advice will allow for an easier return to a normal schedule once vacation is over. That first workout back won’t seem like your first workout ever—I’ve seen this happen with folks that go off and forget that they are generally dedicated to keeping themselves healthy by way of exercise and healthy eating. As mentioned before, your body will reward you if you stay on track and will thank you in the long run for not stressing it out while you’re trying to destress!


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