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Small Gains Over Time

Jan 15, 2015

In fitness and health, there are countless fads and advertisements for quick fixes. In magazines, infomercials, movies, and TV shows, we are being bombarded by messages of six pack abs, perfect curves, and toned legs and arms. Perfection is implicitly expected and people who do not reach those levels are shamed in various ways. Of course this leads people to try to rush into fast solutions. Often times, even if this solution works for the aesthetic goals, it is often detrimental to the health of the person who pursues this. Against all of the misinformation, it is helpful for people to remember, that small steps are the key to covering a long distance. Baby steps get us there the fastest!

It is very tempting to exercise and/or diet with your full intensity, especially around this time of the year when folks are trying to keep their resolutions. Low calories, high intensity workouts, constant checking the mirror and the scale, and comparisons to the professional fitness models who take over the TV screen. This often leads to injuries, yo-yo dieting, drastic weight changes, mental fatigue, and far to often back to square one.

The key to combating this is small steps. This not only saves your body a lot of unnecessary wear and tear, it also saves your mind from burnout and keeps you motivated and focused. Learning the proper movements for each exercise protects your joints, gradual improvements in healthy food intake, along with cutting out unhealthy foods, are the keys to longevity. Longevity here applies both to lifespan and quality of life. Understanding your limits and progressively pushing past them are what make pursuit of health and fitness fun and exciting, instead of a burden that is an additional stressor. Again, baby steps get us there the fastest!


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