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Shape Ups aren't shaping up!

May 15, 2012

I'm sure you've all seen the ads and have possibly seen a ton of folks, particularly women, sporting Sketchers brand Shape Ups--shows designed to tone the legs and glutes by simply walking around in them. Well, if you fell for the claim or were even contemplating purchasing a pair for your fitness endeavors, think again.

Reuters reports that Sketchers settled a deal with the Federal Trade Commision this week in the amount of over $44 million dollars! There were two claims sited: "First, Skechers' Shape-ups ads often touted clinical studies as a reason to buy the shoes. Skechers misrepresented the data, according to the Commission. The company "cherry-picked" results and cited studies conducted by biased researchers. Skechers also claimed that its shoes help with weight loss and increase cardiovascular health, reports Reuters. Toning shoes may help build muscle, but there is apparently no evidence that they are any more useful than regular shoes for losing weight and increasing heart health."

Reebok has also suffered similar suits and had to pay out over $25 million last fall for its false claims regarding their brand of toning shoes. The bottom line: If you're wanting to "shape up," how about some good 'ol fashioned exercise and eating right, without falling for bogus ads featuring today's hottest socialite and meaningless claims!


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