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Resistance Training Myths

May 20, 2014

Resistance-Training Myths and Mistakes

Below are just a couple of resistance training myths, taken from the ACE Personal Trainer Manual. I’m sure most people can find at least one they have believed to be true at some point in their life.

Myth #1: Fat can be reduced in certain areas with strength training via spot reduction.

Only the muscles that are exercised against progressive resistance experience the training effects of increased size and strength. Although people can spot train muscles, they cannot necessarily spot reduce fat. Fat reduction must include a combination of regular exercise as well as a clean eating regimen.

Myth #2: Women will get bulky from lifting weights.

This is a common belief from many women who have never stepped into a weight room. In fact a small percentage of women actually possess the genetic potential to bulk-up. Women are typically smaller in size and have lower levels of anabolic hormones (e.g., testosterone) than males do. Women can enhance their muscular strength and size within genetic limitations but, rarely will they develop unusually large, muscular physiques. Get started today ladies and don’t be afraid to lift heavy!

Myth #3: At some point people get too old to lift weights.

Resistance training is amazing in that it works about equally well for people of all ages. Older muscles are actually very responsive to progressive resistance training. One study of a group of 90 year old nursing home residents added about 4 pounds of muscle in just 14 weeks of basic and brief strength training. Don’t be afraid to lift and continue to do so even as you get older, fitness is not just a quick fix it’s a lifestyle!

So there you have it, three common misconceptions about strength training; all dealing with fat loss, age, and gender. Whether you are old, young, female, male, or have a couple of pounds to lose it’s time to debunk these common myths that may have once held you back from accomplishing your goals and living life to the fullest!


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