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Our Bodies Are NOT Calculators

Mar 12, 2015

Check out most any health magazine or Dr. Whoever episode and chances are at some point in the last several years you've read or heard the phrase "Eat less and exercise more to lose weight." Ha, if only it were that simple.

Now, if you're killing the dollar menu three times a day and exercising your thumb muscles on the remote control, then YES, you need to eat less and exercise more! But, what if you're a generally active adult that has tried fill-in-the-blank commercial weight loss system and have gotten a membership at the local gym only to lose weight initially and then gradually gain it all back and then some?

It's as simple as this: Your body does not operate like a calculator. No matter how much Mr. Health Professional tells you it's all about the calories, it's simply NOT. Yes, our bodies run on calories that we eat and if we eat too much of what our bodies require it will lead to weight gain. But, if weight LOSS is your goal, there are other very important things you need to take into consideration: Hormones.

Ick, that's a nasty word. We all have them, hormones that is. If we didn't we simply wouldn't exist. Problems arise when our hormones become out of balance--generally we experience weight gain, mood problems, sleep issues, you name it. For the purposes of this series of blogs, we will focus on issues with weight gain and weight maintenance.

In the coming weeks, we will discuss what hormones are at play when it comes to a happy, fully functioning metabolism that keeps us burning fat, full of energy and ready to go along with whatever life offers. I'll also discuss why what we've been lead to believe all of these years simply isn't the whole picture: Why continually cutting calories and adding in more exercise may actually be working against you! (Gasp!)

I love keeping the conversation open, so if you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask. Just keep in mind that I'm no doctor or diagnostician, so take everything I say opinion based on my own experience and experience in coaching clients with weight loss goals.


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