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New Certification = New Service!!!

Dec 28, 2015

At Fitness Together we strive to provide the utmost in personal training and expertise for our clients. With this as our passion, we are constantly educating ourselves--learning new techniques, modalities, or how to provide exercise training to special groups of the population.

I, Blair, have been in the fitness industry for many years and have had several certifications with specialties in golf fitness and nutrition. This year I have decided that it would interesting to expand my knowledge of fitness during and after pregnancy--particularly after we had the joy of working with a client throughout her entire nine months right up until two days before her baby's arrival! As a result of my new-found interest, I researched and found a personal training organization that offers a certification in pre- and post-natal fitness.

After three text books full of new knowledge and a twenty page exam, I am happy to say that I am now certified to work with clients that are currently pregnant or have just had their babies and are looking to regain their fitness. For 2016, we are looking to have Frank certified as well!

If you or anyone you know could benefit from private personal training during pregnancy or post-partum, please feel free to give me a call and set up a consultation to see if we'd be a good fit. If you're worried about beginning an exercise program during pregnancy, have no fear! The human body is an amazing thing, and amazing things happen when the right tools and expertise are utilized. I'd love to be the one to help!


Schedule a complimentary fit evaluation so we can get to know you and your goals and build you a customized training program to reach them.