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Mood & Immunity...A Connection!

Oct 26, 2015

Who would think that renting a funny movie would improve immune function? Or, conversely, that fuming about the driver who just cut you off lowers your immune response? In fact, many studies have revealed that pleasant emotions, particularly happiness, joy and laughter increase the body's level of a specific antibody--one type of our body's our fighters against foreign invaders like bacteria or viruses. This beneficial agent prevents harmful bacteria from adhering to the surfaces of the digestive, urinary and respiratory tracts.

Furthermore, individuals experiencing negative emotions, such as sadness, demonstrate sluggish immune responses. They may be at greater risk for illness than people who are not sad. In addition, people who are frequently angry experience decreased immune function. In general, positive emotions--particularly laughter and happiness--correlate with stronger immune function. Negative emotions, including sadness, grief, anxiety and anger suppress immune function.

So, now that we are headed into flu season, take a moment to calm down and breathe when that bad driver cuts you off and process home to watch a funny movie! You'll be better off and your immune system will be stronger for it!


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