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Is Your Cardio Boring You to Death?!

Mar 18, 2013

Recently, mud runs and obstacle course races have become very popular. For many people, a plain old 5K is just too plain! These races challenge competitors not just with running a set distance, but also could include swimming through muddy water, tackling monkey bars, and climbing walls just to name a few scenarios. One race even has “zombies” chasing after you during the race! Training for this particular race requires a unique approach that involves preparing for all the different situations you might encounter when completing it.

Even if you have not signed up for a mud run race you can still train like a mud runner to spice up
your cardio workouts. Like any cardio workout, the purpose of the workout is to keep your heart rate
high and strengthen your heart and increase the efficiency of your cardiovascular system. Here is an
example of a “mud run” workout:

Run for 2 minutes at a fast pace on the treadmill/elliptical
Row for 2 minutes hard on a stationary rower
Jumping jacks for 1 minute
Rest for 1 minute then repeat (for 3-5 sets depending on fitness level)

The change of modalities challenges you physically and mentally. Physically, since you are working in
1-2 minute periods, your intensity level should be high. This will elicit an interval training type effect.
Mentally, the switching back and forth between exercises should keep things interesting!

If you're ready to tackle the challenge, here are some local mud runs coming up you might be interested in:
Brave Soldier Challenge – April 6 – Greensboro, NC
Rugged Maniac – April 20 – Asheboro, NC

If these types of races aren't your "thing," you can still benefit from changing up your cardio routine to train as if you were going to compete. As with anything, make it fun and interesting and you'll be more like to do it...and stick to it!


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