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How Can You Avoid the Flu?

Feb 19, 2015

The term "flu" is typically used by medical professionals to describe an illness caused by a virus. The strain is properly termed influenza (A and B) and is more prevalent in the fall and winter.

To make an informed, unbiased decision about a flu vaccine, I encourage you to google "Cochrane influenza vaccine effectiveness."

I prefer preventative methods rather than getting a flu shot. This is just my opinion and each person has to make the choice that's best for them.

Please check with your health care practitioner before adding any supplements. This is especially important if you are taking other medications. Again, these are things that have worked for me over the years. I hope these tips are helpful to all of you!

Tips for Prevention

  1. Vitamin C supplementation
  2. Get you Vitamin D levels assessed. To keep a healthy immune system, the recommendation is between 60 and 90 ng/mL. Your healthcare practitioner can recommend the appropriate dose for you if your levels are too low.
  3. Colloidal silver. Used under the tongue, this supplement is great for building immunity.
  4. A daily dose of a high-quality probiotic. The human gastrointestinal tract constitutes about 70% of the immune system.
  5. Regular aerobic exercise.
  6. Sufficient, quality sleep.
  7. De-stress. For me, it's playing with my cats. I know that sounds silly, but laughter really is the best medicine. Finding joy in each day will boost your immune system.
  8. Meticulous hand-washing with good ol' soap and water. I also avoid hand shaking. A fist "bump" is what I prefer! So if I don't shake your hand, I'm not being rude, I just don't want the flu.

Treatments that have worked for me

  1. Elderberry extract
  2. Oil of oregano
  3. Olive leaf extract
  4. Nettie pot cleansing

To reiterate...please check with your healthcare practitioner before adding any supplements. These are things that work for me and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure. Good health to you!


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