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Healthy Grilling Techniques

Jun 13, 2012

1. Pre-cook meats: the less contact with high heat and flames the food has, the less chance for the formation of carcinogens. Try pre-cookings chicken or other meats on the stove-top or under the broiler for a few minutes to lessen cooking time on the grill.

2. Use organic, free-range meats OR trim excess fat from conventionally-raised meats: The key is to make sure you've got meat with less bad fat. That's because the fat is what causes the problems, so choose pastured meats or lean cuts of conventional meats. Better yet, try seafood and shellfish!

3. Use marinades: Marinating not only adds flavor but is also a great way to prevent the formation of carcinogens. The best marinade choice is and extra virgin olive oil, citrus and herb concoction that you make yourself. This healthy oil provides an outer shield for the meat and the citrus and herds add antioxidants that help prevent carcinogen formation.

4. Avoid flare-ups: Flame flare-ups (i.e. when the first erupts and engulfs the food in flames), burn foods--increasing the formation of carcinogenic compounds.

5. Don't char your foods: It is not wise to char foods, especially meats. The small areas of char are actually the most highly concentrated sources of carcinogens, so cut off the charred sections of your BBQ and toss them.

Follow these five tips for safe grilling and enjoy the flavor of health benefits of cooking in this favorite American cooking pastime. Don't forget to combine your healthy outdoor nutrition with a regular exercise program for total health and fitness. A Fitness Together trainer will develop a program designed to meet your specific goals. You'll also receive nutritional counseling through the Nutrition Together program, which will complement your workouts. Let Fitness Together help you make this "summer of 2012" your best yet!


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