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Foods for Fertility

May 1, 2012

Look around you...pregnant women are EVERYWHERE! Most of you probably know someone who either just had a baby or has one on the way...I know I personally have been buying a LOT of shower gifts lately! I wanted to jot down a few things you could share with the ladies in your life who are wanting to conceive, have conceived and/or are now breastfeeding--some things she may want to consider having as staples for her babe's utmost nutrition!

  • Liver: A great source of vitamin A, iron, B-12, protein, zinc and folate.
  • Egg yolks: Especially rich in choline, a nutrient that protects against neural tube defects and supports healthy brain development.
  • Cold-water, fatty fish: High in omega-3 fats EPA and DHA. DHA is very important for fertility and pregnancy. It is crucial in brain development and protecting brain tissue from oxidative damage. High DHA is found in salmon, mackeral, sardines and herring.
  • Cod liver oil: One of the highest sources of vitamin A and has more vitamin D by weight than any other food. Good vitamin D levels during pregnancy promotes healthy bone development.
  • Grass-fed dairy: This is rich in saturated fats which are very important during pregnancy. Non-fermented dairy sources are great sources of healthy bacteria--the mother's gut health is very important in developing a baby's immune system.


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