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Fat Loss Myth #1

Feb 15, 2011

"Toning" workouts are done by lifting lighter weights for a lot of reps and are best for women who are looking to gain defined muscles.

Okay, ladies (in particular)! Listen up! Those 2 pounders you've been totin' aren't gonna get you very far down the muscle definition path. If "toning" is your goal, it's gonna take more than that. The truth is that the only benefit you'll gain from lifting lighter weights for a high number of reps is muscle endurance, not definition (or growth). You will be able to make gains via how many times you'll be able to lift that lighter weight; BUT, you won't be able to flex and see much of anything in the mirror. What you want to do is lift heavier weight with much fewer reps until your muscles reach fatigue. Not only will you get muscle growth and definition, but you'll be much stronger and get a greater metabolic BURN when you're done!


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