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Exercise for your Baby's Health!

Sep 15, 2011

Look around. There are A LOT of pregnant women walking around right now. Chances are you have someone in your circle that either is pregnant or knows someone who is. If not, tuck this nugget of knowledge away for the next time you come across a gal pal who's preggers.

Science is proving these days that expecting mom's who stay active during thier pregnancies benefit not only mom, but baby as well. The goal of one particular study was to show the effectiveness of physical activity on the heart health of the unborn child. Moms who exercised and stayed active before delivery had baby's with lower resting heart rates and higher heart rate variability, a measure that shows the heart is strong and resilient to stress. In a nut shell, if a mom is active and exercises during her pregnancy, not only will she set the example for healthy living once baby is born, but she significantly influences the chance that the baby will grow up with a decreased risk of heart-related illness.


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