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Eggs-traordinary Tips for Eggs!

Jun 23, 2014

So, you've read the title of this post in the subject line of your email. I'm guessing you already know the author--if you know me personally that is! Yup, it's Blair...aka "Crazy Chicken Lady" if you ask my husband! But, that's besides the point...

See, if I'm the so-called "Crazy Chicken Lady," you might as well go ahead and assume I'm also the "Crazy Egg Lady." Yes, I know my chickens and I know my eggs. One thing for certain is that the egg straight from a free-range hen is one of nature's most perfect things. It's packed with protein, vitamins and nutrients that you just can't get all in one source very often. And before you should EAT THE YOLK! Otherwise you're wasting most of the nutritional value of the egg. Not to mention, the hen that laid that egg had to eat a lot of bugs and grasses to pack that yolk full of all of it's healthy goodness...and don't forget flavor!

Okay, here's the real reason I'm rambling: I wanted to put together a list of helpful tips for optimal egg enjoyment. By all means, you should be eating eggs on a regular basis. So, why not know the how's and why's behind doing so?! I've borrowed these tips from Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple.

  1. How to know if an egg is spoiled: Place the egg in a bowl of cold water. If it sinks, eat it, it's good to go. If it floats, it's a no-go. If it's somewhere in between, eat it now before it's a goner!
  2. How to boil an egg to desired doneness: Put eggs in a pot and fill with water up to their halfway point. Remove the eggs and bring the water to medium boil. Return eggs to boiling water and cover the pot. Soft-boiled, remove after 6.5 minutes. For medium boiled, remove after 8 minutes. Hard boiled takes 10 minutes. After removing them, run them under cold water for at least 30 seconds. If using room temperature eggs, subtract 30-45 seconds from the cooking time.
  3. How to get the most of your yolks: Eat your eggs with a softer, rather than harder, cooked yolk. The harder the cook on the yolk, the more oxidized the cholesterol in the yolk.
  4. How to capture stray pieces of broken shell: Use a jagged piece of the rest of the shell. This will help you cut through the white and grab the stray fragment. For whatever reason, like attracts like in this case.
  5. How to use the yolks to thicken sauces: We've all used butter and cream to thicken a sauce, BUT you can also use egg yolks. Simply take the sauce off the heat source and whisk in two raw yolks. Whisking over heat may cause the yolk to scramble and leave you with bits of cooked yolk in your sauce...simply not appealing.
  6. How to buy quality eggs: Spring for pastured eggs. Spend the extra money to get the added nutrition--more antioxidants like vitamin E, for instance. You may actually find them to be cheaper than your grocer when you buy straight from a local farmer!
  7. How long do eggs last: Believe it or not they last a good while, even outside of the fridge. They are good for a couple of months in the fridge. Pastured eggs can last a good month just out on the counter top. If they start out in the fridge, they need to stay there, however.
  8. How to enjoy eggs: Poached, fried, scrambled, made into an omelet, frittata, crust-less name it. You have so much room to get creative. Have breakfast for dinner at least one night a week.
  9. How to know which is better, brown or white: Neither is "better." The color of the shell is determined by the breed of the hen that laid that particular egg. Shoot, some even come in shades of green and blue!
  10. How to allow your pet to enjoy eggs: Animals love raw eggs. The fats in the egg are great for a good coat and healthy skin. Talk with your vet first if you're considering. A side note: My beagle pilfers our eggs right off of the table, whole egg--shell and all!

If you have any more questions regarding eggs (how many to eat, for example), feel free to shoot me an email and I'll see if I can help you out. I am the "Crazy Chicken Lady," afterall!


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