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Client of the Month: Todd Owsley

Nov 7, 2016

1. What has been your biggest success since working out at Fitness Together?

I feel that my biggest success is that with the help of the trainers I have been able to make working out as important as any other aspect of my life. Before joining FT, working out was always “tomorrow, next week or next month” with plenty of reasons or excuses to do something else. The accountability and positive motivation of the trainers and the spirited environment they create has eliminated the excuses and made working out a positive necessity.

2. What lifestyle changes have you made outside of your workouts to help you in your success?

Working out has motivated me to make several changes in lifestyle. My workout schedule comes first (most of the time!) which required me to make necessary, positive changes in my schedule at work. My diet has become much healthier and on off days some amount of time is committed to other exercise. Staying healthy has become a priority as opposed to a nuisance.

3. What has been your favorite aspect about working out at FT?

My favorite aspect at FT is the personal approach and expertise of the trainers. Unfortunately, most of us have learned the hard way that every skill in a workout whether it’s a pushup, squat or kettle bell swing, requires proper technique to avoid injuries. All of the trainers that I’ve had the pleasure to work with at FT are experts at not only teaching proper technique but taking the time to customize each workout to meet personal goals and avoid burnout.

4. What advice would you give to someone with the same goals as you for sticking to a program?

Because of the importance, we all tend to get focused on taking care of everyone and everything that is important or special in our lives and not take or find the time for ourselves. The hardest step is convincing yourself that now is the time. My advice is to take care of have the time!

Who would you want to receive the same benefits as you?

Regardless of age or current health, I would recommend this type of training to anyone who wants to sleep better, have more energy during the day, feel less stressed and overall live a healthier lifestyle.


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