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Client of the Month: Susan Turner

Feb 24, 2016

I had been a client at Fitness Together about 7 months and was enjoying my workouts and the strength and energy I gained from them when I found out that at 40 years old I was pregnant! I assumed it would be best to put my gym workouts on hold and get my exercise from walking during the pregnancy. My first pregnancy had been a riskier one (twins) and a prenatal education class I had recently attended early in my pregnancy suggested lifting no more than 10 pounds. Fortunately, Blair encouraged me to continue with my regular workouts. I felt some relief I didn't have to give up this part of my weekly routine and decided to try it.

Because pregnancy constantly changes the way your body feels and looks, it was good for me to feel I had some control over my body. My workouts were tailored to what I felt comfortable doing and what the body habitus would allow as the pregnancy progressed. As someone who has had fitness a big part of my life since my teens, it was very helpful for me not to put physical activity "on hold". I definitely continued to feel strong even as the body became heavier. I noticed that my balance during pregnancy was not what it had been, and some of the exercises we did focused on strengthening to maintain balance.

Maintaining some core strength helped me with the work of labor. I felt confident in my strength when going into labor, which fortunately went smoothly. I was impressed that Blair had studied for and completed a course for training pregnant and post-partum clients during my pregnancy. She was prepared and enthusiastic to help me get back into the workouts at approximately 5 weeks after I delivered. It has been a very easy transition into the workouts after the delivery of my daughter and I have been able to increase the intensity of the workouts faster than I would have predicted.

Body image and weight control are important topics for many women during and after pregnancy. Having a plan of continuous fitness lead by professionals who are trained in and comfortable with pregnant and post-partum women is key to helping women stay physically fit and maintain a positive perspective on body image. Maintaining fitness as a parent helps us to keep up with the high energy of children and teaches them by example an invaluable life skill. I am thankful for Fitness Together in helping me in a friendly environment to attain my fitness goals!


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