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Client of the Month: Paul Milam

Jul 6, 2016

1. What has been your biggest success since working out at Fitness Together?

Greater flexibility, reduction of stress and overall personal fitness and health

2. What lifestyle changes have you made outside of your workouts to help you in your successs?

Better nutritional awareness and additional low impact exercise when I don’t have a FT day.

3. What has been your favorite aspect about working out at FT?

The professionalism of the trainers and their personal one on one awareness of me the client and my personal training program and not a one size fits all approach.

4. What advice would you give to someone with the same goals as you for sticking to a program?

The sooner you do it the better you will feel about yourself. Go to it!

5. Who would you want to receive the same benefits as you?

Everyone because we would have less stressed out people in this world!


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