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Client of the Month: Ken Baucom

Feb 8, 2016

1. What has been your biggest success since working out at FT?

For the past eight years of working out at FT, my biggest accomplishment has been keeping my blood sugar under control. Prior to working out on a regular basis, my blood work indicated that I was a borderline diabetic and that I needed to get my act together, otherwise diabetes would be part of my future. With the regular schedule I hold at the studio, exercise has been a key in helping me stay healthy and strong.

2. What lifestyle changes have you made outside of your workouts to help
you in your success?

Since I've been so dedicated to working out, I wanted to make sure I did my part outside of FT. It's hard to make healthy choices when you're as busy as I am with my job, but my health is too important to slack off. I really try to watch what I eat and keep my portions in check. I've really learned a lot about nutrition and I've been held accountable all of these years.

3. What has been your favorite aspect about working out at FT?
The best thing about working out at FT, aside from the accountability of the appointments each week, is getting to work with all of the trainers. They each have their own techniques and offer a lot of variety. I never get bored since there's always something different.

4. What advice would you give to someone with the same goals as you for
sticking to a program?
If someone's not sure about whether they're ready to commit to something, they should know that they are in good hands at FT--no matter what their starting point is. The first step is always the hardest. Sticking to the lifestyle is hard at times, but it's worth the challenges for the long haul.

5. Who would you want to receive the same benefits as you?

I think everybody could benefit in one way or another, but those folks that have busy careers that keep them going around the clock with travel, meetings, appointments of all sorts and so on truly need the accountability of the trainers at FT. I stay on track by having a set schedule with them each week and I pencil it in my calendar just like any other commitment.


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