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Client of the Month: Dawn Anderson

May 4, 2016

1. What has been your biggest success since working out at FT?

My biggest success since beginning with FT in September has been my weight loss. After reaching age 40, I started gaining weight quickly. I tried many different diets and exercising at little on my own-with no success. I just wasn't dedicated enough to do it on my own. After gaining about 45 pounds, I had resigned myself to the fact that this was just how it was going to be because I couldn't lose the weight. Then my husband and I decided to try the personal trainer route. The pounds just started falling off because I had someone coaching me and cheering me on. I'm now about 30 pounds lighter--looking and feeling great!

2. What lifestyle changes have you made outside of your workouts to help
you in your success?
In addition to working out at FT three times a week, my husband and I knew diet played a major role in a healthier lifestyle. We sat down with Blair and discussed our eating habits and how to improve them. Our diet has changed dramatically. I won't lie and say it was easy, but it was necessary. Blair and the other trainers are very knowledgeable about nutrition and very willing to give advice in preparing healthy meals. They have also helped in keeping us honest and accountable to our eating choices.
3. What has been your favorite aspect about working out at FT?
I have never been a fan of exercising. I have, however, truly enjoyed my time at FT. The camaraderie we (my family) have established with the trainers has made this experience memorable. They make exercising "fun" rather than "work". The trainers are conscientious about my abilities, needs, and limitations and continually push me to work hard and do my best. This is something I need as I am not self-motivated to exercise.
4. What advice would you give to someone with the same goals as you for
sticking to a program?
I have three pieces of advice for anyone wanting to lose weight and/or get in better shape:
1) Set your goal at a reasonably achievable place
2) Be dedicated to that goal and be happy with the small, as well as large, gains you make toward that goal
3) Be honest with yourself, especially if you're not making positive advances toward your goal. Reevaluate what you are doing and make adjustments that will help you reach that goal.

5. Who would you want to receive the same benefits as you?
Anyone who has a difficult time being self-motivated and/or dedicated to exercise and diet on their own would benefit from a program such as that provided by FT. I would recommend to anyone who desires weight loss, better sleep, and more energy but can't do it on their own or doesn't know where to start, to check out Fitness Together!


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