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Client of the Month: Caroline

Mar 30, 2016

1. What has been your biggest success since working out at FT?

My biggest success has been sticking with the program and coming back when I have “fallen away” (which has been several times!). I began seeing my best results when I did two things: 1) I started working out three times a week. Strength training on Monday and Friday and HIIT (cardio) on Wednesdays; and 2) I stopped “managing” my workout (i.e. weaseling out of what the trainer asked me to do) and began pushing myself and working harder. As a result, I am stronger, leaner, and am able to do exercises that I used to think were impossible for me (i.e. “regular” pushups, walking lunges with weights, and burpees to name just a few). I am even working on pull-ups and have seen improvement in that area as well. There is still definitely room for improvement in these exercises, as well as all the others I do, but I am proud of my progress and look forward to getting even stronger and more fit.

2. What lifestyle changes have you made outside of your workouts to help you in your success?

I am working with a nutritionist to help me improve my eating. That has been a great addition to the workouts at FT! She is helping me see the big picture—connecting the dots between eating, exercising and long-term health. I’m working hard to limit my sugar intake and to eat fewer processed foods. Also, as a result of working out at FT and eating better, I am more interested in making daily exercise (apart from my FT workouts) a part of my day. Walking, swimming, yoga, etc.

3. What has been your favorite aspect about working out at FT?

I love the trainers!!!!! In all the years I’ve been coming to FT, I have worked with all of the trainers. They are all so great, so smart, so encouraging and so personable. Each trainer brings his/her own “spin” and personal style/fitness expertise to the workout. It’s always interesting, always challenging, and (mostly) always fun! J

Since last fall, I have been working mainly with Justin. It’s been a great partnership. He is really encouraging—but pushes me a lot! He knows what my fitness goals are, and my workouts are designed to move me towards achieving those goals. He is not one to let me do less than he knows I can do; and as a result, my weight has dropped, my strength and flexibility have increased, and my heart is stronger as a result of the cardio. Plus, I can now hold a plank for over 3 minutes!

4. What advice would you give to someone with the same goals as you for sticking to a program?

While in the past my main goal for working out has been to get “skinny” so I would look good in my clothes, recently, I have begun to focus on the concept of “Future You.” I want to use today to prepare for a great tomorrow. It really is within my ability to manage what my retirement years look like! Now the real purpose of my training is to be stronger and healthier as I get older. My mom recently died at age 88, but her last years were not good: dementia, wheel-chair bound, etc. My workouts and my diet are now aimed at my having a much happier, healthier, mentally stronger and more active future. Plus, as an added benefit, I’ll look great in my clothes! I have a sign posted in my house that says “Remember Future You!” to keep me thinking about these goals. (I have another one that says, “Sugar is Poison!” J)

Advice: Do what the trainers ask you to do. Don’t try to “get out of” exercises you hate or think you’re not good at. I experienced the most progress when I “submitted” (!!!!) to my trainer’s plan for me and pushed through the pain. You are stronger than you think! That doesn’t mean I don’t cringe when Justin has me do burpees. But I have noticed that the more I do, the better I get!

Advice: Nutrition is a huge part of your success. The adage, “You can’t out-exercise bad eating” is true. When I combined healthy eating with my workouts, my weight dropped and my energy soared. You might be a “take small steps” kind of person or a “jump right in the deep end” kind of person, but figure out what nutrition plan works for you and then connect your workouts with good eating and see what happens!

Advice: Get back on the train if you fall off. Blair (and others) can attest that I have fallen off many times! Just keep getting up and getting back into the studio. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t be hard on yourself. Keep showing up and you’ll see the results! While you may not want to go workout some days, you will never regret working out after it’s over!

5. Who would you want to receive the same benefits as you?

When I think of who would be a “good fit” for FT, I honestly think “Everyone!” I have seen all sorts of folks working out at FT—all ages, all sizes, all levels of fitness, all stages of life. Because FT customizes the workout plan for each client, there is no one that FT couldn’t help reach their fitness goals. If your goal is to become more fit (however you define that for yourself), then FT can come up with a plan to create that reality for you—you just need to show up and work out as hard as you can!


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