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Beat the Holiday Bulge

Nov 24, 2015

So we have a perilous 5-6 weeks left in the year 2015. During a time that should be focusing mostly on celebrations with friends and family, many of us will be concerned about the food we eat, followed by the weight we will gain. How do we start to break this cycle and begin the New Year fresh, not to mention getting to enjoy those meals with folks without having nagging voices in our heads? Here are some tips to try, and since this week is Thanksgiving week, they are simple enough to start implementing immediately!
Making sure that you stay hydrated not only has obvious benefits, such as not dying of thirst, but it will allow you to feel less hungry. Many times, we confuse hunger for thirst, and drinking more water throughout the day, and before and after meals, will enable us to have more control over whether or not to reach for the extra cookie or the full second helping of the spread.


Go ahead, fill up your plate. After you do that, section off 1/3 of it. Save that for later. Put it on a fresh plate, put it in the fridge. Wherever you put it keep it out of your GI tract, at least for now. As you finish the festivities, you'll likely find that you didn't feel like eating that last 1/3 in the first place.

If you know that you are going to some events where you'll be indulging, make a plan. It's the holiday season after all. Physical activity and exercise sessions may not do everything to prevent weight gain, but 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing. Have an extra 5 minutes? Walk up and down the stairs. Feeling a little wound up before sitting down? Sit with your rear end 2 inches off of the chair for as long as you can while at your computer. Rinse and repeat for as long as your leg endurance holds up.

The last, but most important and practical step!

And don't plan for just a New Year's resolution that the majority of people fail on by February. Come up with a plan that involves time, place, and other people. Have someone else hold you accountable, and make it a habit. No one complains about showering daily taking up too mch time, neither do they complain about not having enough time or energy to brush their teeth or get dressed for work. This is because those habits are ingrained and accepted as necessary.

Enjoy these holidays, and remember all the things, no matter how small, that you are grateful for. That is ALSO good for your health!


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