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Beat the Bloat!

Jun 15, 2011

Despite the heat and the constant sweating, some of you out there may be experiencing constant bloating and discomfort and may even find it hard to get those shorts zipped and bottoned. How about if I told you that there are some foods out there that can help decrease the amount of gas build-up in your gut? Not only will the discomfort subside, but you'll feel and appear inches smaller around your waistline! Below are several tricks you can try to beat the bloat this summer (and year-round!):

  • Avoid salt and processed foods. Think, "where salt goes, water will follow!" So, the more salt intake, the more water build up internally.
  • Drink MORE water. I know it sounds contradictory, but if you're getting enough water IN, then you'll expend more--including what your body's been holding onto to cause the bloat in the first place.
  • Kick the carbonation. Where do you think those bubbles end up? That's your intestines, causing gas and bloating.
  • Cut back on carbs. Breads, pastas, rices, potatoes, oh my! As good as they are, know this: with every gram of carb you intake, your body will store 3 grams of water along with it! Get your fiber on with leafy and colorful fruits and vegetables to avoid bloating and puffiness.
  • Chunk chewing gum. Sugar-free gums (and anything "sugar-free" for that matter) are made with sugar alcohols that can cause gastrointestinal irritation and bloating.
  • Stay away from acidic drinks. Coffees, teas, and above all, ALCOHOL. These items can be enjoyed in moderation; however, know that the acidity once they are digested is high and can lead to gastrointestinal swelling.

With these tips, you may even get over that weight/inches-lost plateau you've been struggling with this year! Just know these small steps can lead to great success--and less feelings of fluffiness!


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