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Are you absorbing your nutrients?

Sep 1, 2011

How many of you are on a low- or (worse) no-fat diet? Chances are you either are currently trying to eat less fat or you have tried it in the past. Well, if you are choosing this method of nourishing yourself, you are doing yourself a great injustice. Not only are you not getting the right amount of healthy fat in your diet to help your body burn fat (that's another post altogether!), but your body isn't able to absorb vitamins and minerals that require the intake of fat along with them to be properly abosorbed into the cells. What this means is this: All the over-the-counter vitamins and a lot of the vitamins and minerals you may be eating through fruits and vegetables aren't going to do you much good unless you're combining them with the right amount of the right fats so they can go to work internally. Try this: The next time you have fresh steamed veggies or a nice big salad, don't be afraid of the olive oil or some fresh avocado just because they are 'high in fat.' These are examples of healthy fats that are not just good for you, but they make eating those nice veggies more worthwhile from a health standpoint--not to mention more tasty!


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