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3 Ways to Beat Holiday Weight Gain

Nov 10, 2014

My 3 Easiest Suggestions to Avoid Weight Gain During the Upcoming Holiday Season
1) Snacking Before Partying
This idea revolves around the fact that the less hungry you are, the less you will eat (go figure). Holiday party binge eating is almost inevitable when we get closer to the end of the year. For that matter, it is essential to try and control ourselves as much as possible. One of the easiest ways to help avoid giving into those delicious desires is to snack on healthy foods before going to the party. When I say "snack," I mean exactly that. I'm not referring to an entire meal before the party but rather just a few bites of something we all know is healthy and will keep us somewhat satisfied.
2) Limit Alcohol Consumption
What's a party without a little wine or beer? That's a party you won't find me at! However, when we are battling with our bodies to maintain an optimal physique, it's very important that we stay away from as much alcohol as possible. When we consume any type of food or drink, our bodies can use those calories for energy. Alcohol, however, does not work that way. Alcohol contains what we call "wasted calories." That means that our bodies cannot use the calories we obtain from alcohol for any energy....and what happens when calories are not burned off in the form of energy? They go right to storage, aka FAT. Another downside of's highly correlated to a bad case of the munchies. It may lead to us losing our control over our eating habits and giving in to the unhealthy foods.

I know a big concept of the holidays is to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. This could potentially lead to a sedentary lifestyle during the upcoming months and for that reason, it is essential that we keep moving. Encourage your family and friends to get up off of their fannies and join one another in some group walking. There's nothing I enjoy more than killing two birds with one stone, so spending time with family and friends while knocking out a little exercise on the side sounds ideal to me. In addition to the exercise benefits, there are some indirect advantages of getting off the couch and moving more. The biggest being that we will not be thinking about snacking on anything. My greatest urge to snack usually arises when I am sitting down and not doing anything. So by walking with family and friends, we will be able to stay away from the food physically and mentally.


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