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    Private Studio Suites and LIVE 1-on-1 Virtual Training to make it easier to stay on track with your goals.

The hardest part is getting started.


One-on-One Personal Training

Get in shape with Fitness Together Greensboro

No gimmicks, no overnight promises. Just plenty of real results.*

If gimmicks and fad diets worked, you’d see a lot more people in much better shape. The fact is, getting fit takes time, skill and focus.

At Fitness Together Greensboro, we produce real results from one simple formula: one client, one trainer and one goal. With our customized fitness and nutrition programs and the help of your own certified personal trainer, you’ll be taking the right steps to reaching your fitness goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, get strong, or improve your health, our professional personal trainers can help you make it happen.

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Live 1:1 Virtual Personal Training brings a personal trainer into the comfort of your own space, making it easy to personalize your workout plan on your own time so you can reach your goals.

  • "Trainer is very knowledgeable and the sessions have a variety of exercises . He is focused on my goals and pushes me outside my comfort zone which has improved my strength, agility and confidence. I highly recommend Fitness Together."   ― A. N.

  • "Working out with a trainer both pushes you, or at least me, to lift more weight and push yourself more without injury. The workouts are never the same and fun enjoy talking with my trainer née so it’s als never boring. Can be tough but not boring. As a senior I appreciate someone watching posture and technique so my back has never been an issue and I’ve been a member since 2010. For me, it’s well worth the $. You get what you pay for. "   ― J. H.

  • "On time service, one to one attention, kindness yet firm, conversation, encouragement, music, and the change I see in me."   ― E. H.

  • "The one on one training "   ― P. G.

  • "It’s personalized and the trainers make you feel like family. "   ― B. H.

  • "Results"   ― D. Y.

  • "It works with Gregg as my guide. Great trainer"   ― A. S.

  • "I like the one on one and knowledgeable trainers. "   ― P. G.

  • "Knowledgeable trainers, privacy & results"   ― D. Y.

  • "GREG IS THE BEST"   ― A. S.

  • "Workouts customized to my capabilities. Competent, high skilled trainers. Clean, well equipped, convenient location."   ― R. W.

  • "It got me halfway to where I want to be. I wish it was cheaper, I would continue!"   ― S. M.

  • "The personalized attention and the variety in the workouts. "   ― B. H.

  • "Expertise,specific treatment plans"   ― R. W.

  • "I love the one on one training. I also love that all of the staff does their best to accommodate my schedule. Fitness Together really wants to help you succeed!"   ― A. M.

  • "One on one private training. Knowledgeable trainers."   ― P. G.

  • "Trainers, environment, results "   ― D. Y.

  • "Personal training"   ― D. S.

  • "Well designed fitness sessions specifically oriented to my needs and capabilities Clean, well organized workout environment. Professional, friendly staff."   ― R. W.

  • "Gregg"   ― A. S.

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