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A listing of local business partnerships around the Gaithersburg, MD studio.

Andes Bike Shop

Email Oscar at Andes Bike Shop was founded in July 2016 in Gaithersburg, MD. Run by a father and son team, our aim is to provide our customers with a personalized approach to bicycle repair. At Andes we aim to become a part of the community that surrounds us, and judging by the enthusiasm of our customers in these first few months, we are headed in the right direction. Both of us enjoy riding and working on bicycles, and combined we have years of experience repairing, restoring and tuning bikes to their best shape possible. We look forward to your visit and to helping you get the most out of your bike. And hopefully you will join us for a ride. Until then, ride safe and have fun.


It all began in 1977. This is the year we launched an entire industry. We had the foresight to see the incredible potential in wearable devices, and we’ve led the charge ever since. Our leadership in personal guidance for fitness, sport and health has resulted in the world’s best measurement technology and data-driven insights – for anyone who wants to understand their body better, improve their happiness, and live a healthier life. As more and more people around the world are wearing smart devices like ours to understand themselves better, perform better, and live better, what we do today is more relevant now than it ever has been – and will have a greater impact on how we live in the future.


3D BODY SCANNING MAKES VISUALIZING PROGRESS SIMPLE. Extract measurements, shape, body composition, and other insights relevant to your members, clients, and patients. Whether you're a fitness professional, doctor, or even a tailor, Styku's technology enables you to extract key body shape and measurements relevant to your industry. (Fitness & Sports, Aesthetics, Medical Weight Loss, Physical Therapy)