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Tips to Stay Cool During Your Summer Workout

Jul 15, 2015

n the heat of the summer, even the simplest workouts seem that much harder. However, who wants to go inside when it’s so nice outside? Here are some tips to stay cool during your hot summer workout.

If it’s the middle of summer and temps are constantly up, before you workout in the heat, adjust your body by working out in small increments of time in the heat. Start out light, maybe, 10-20 minutes of running or biking, then slowly increase and intensify your workouts. This will help your body acclimate to the summer heat.

Nothing Beats Water
A bit of common sense here, but you cannot stress the importance of proper hydration. It’s important to maintain proper salt-water balance. To do so, you must drink plenty of water before, during, and after your summer workout. Avoid drinking caffeine, soda, and even sports drinks!

Smart Exercise, Is The Best Exercise
Try exercising during a cooler part of the day. Early in the morning or in the evening when the sun is lower. If you must exercise in the middle of the hot day, try adjusting your workout so that it is not as intense.

Dress for Summer
Wear appropriate clothing for your hot summer workout. Lightweight, light-colored clothing is best. Also, make sure you add on the SPF for protection against the sun.

Your Body Knows Best. Listen!
Your body will tell you if it can’t handle the heat. Stop exercising if you experience signs of heat stroke or dehydration.

Some of these signs include:
• Headache
• Nausea
• Dizziness or Feeling Faint
• Weak or Rapid Pulse
• Muscle Cramps

A personal trainer from Fitness Together can help you train properly and safely in the heat of summer.


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