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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Bill Ferrara

Goal: Take care of himself, to feel better and live a healthy, longer life.

Bill Ferrara lost 20 lbs., reduced medications, and lowered Type 2 Diabetes risk - all in 4 months*

Listen as Bill describes his experience at Fitness Together.

After *

Erich Ledebuhr, Whitinsville, MA

Erich Ledebuhr - lost 55 lbs*

“The idea of working out in a private studio with the attention of a trainer was a major factor in my decision to join FT. When you are working one to one with a trainer there is a tremendous amount of accountability. I was also impressed with the focus FT puts on nutrition. Weight loss and a healthy life style is a combination of good nutrition and exercise. FT is the whole package; they make you focus on both.

I have seen amazing results from my partnership with FT. I have lost over 50 pounds, lost two pant sizes, and my arms and shoulders stretch the sleeves of my t-shirts*! This lifestyle change has also opened up conversations with other people who have approached me to see how they can lose weight too. This is the first time in my life people have approached me with fitness questions!

I also like the family atmosphere of FT. I feel that everyone is invested in me. Everyone is always friendly and interested in my progress. Having everyone’s support makes me want to succeed even more. Knowing I am going into a place where people know me and care about me makes me want to come to FT and work out.”

Deb L., Milford, MA

Deb L. of Milford dropped 35 lbs. on the scale, and lost 5 ¼ inches on her waist and 4 ¼ inches on her hips, in 16 weeks!*

"The team at Fitness Together guided and encouraged me every step of the way. They created a program of workouts geared to my ability and needs which enabled me to get to the next level. They set me up for success with safe and effective workouts and I lost the weight I needed to lose.

The FT team also offered me helpful pointers along the way with regards to making small, gradual changes to my diet. I’ve been making healthier food choices, and this has only added to the benefits of my weight loss journey at FT. I now crave a plate of fresh steamed broccoli instead of a pizza.

I can confidently say I fit into clothes I haven’t been able to wear for several years, and it’s all because of the knowledgeable, fun staff at Fitness Together. The mission of “1 Client, 1 Trainer, 1 Goal”? You better believe it! They make you the #1 priority and that’s just what I needed!” – Deb L., age 45, Milford

Brad Mason, Norfolk, MA

Brad Mason - lost 23 lbs, dropped 4 pant sizes, and doubled his strength*

"The fitness program you outlined for me has provided me with some remarkable benefits that should stay with me for years to come. While training with you, I lost four sizes on my waist, increased my strength nearly two fold, and my overall stamina hasn't been this good for nearly twenty years!

Not only did I learn how to apply weight and cardio training safely to my weekly routine, your guidance also had a profound impact on my nutritional habits as well. I now know HOW to eat right, not just what to eat. What a difference that made toward reaching my fitness goals.

Your training rooms, equipment and especially your trainers are second to none. Way beyond anything I ever could have received or have ever experienced from a typical gym. Also, the one to one attention was instrumental in keeping me on track toward, and excited about, reaching the goals we set out to achieve. While it was hard work, I had a lot of fun during those many sessions. How many workout programs can someone say they looked forward to and actually had fun doing? "

After *

Heather Miller, Norfolk, MA

Heather Miller - lost 20 lbs. in 12 weeks, more than 3 inches on her waist and 2 inches on her hips*

"I used to go to the gym and stay for 15 minutes. I would go on the leg machines and use the lightest weight possible, and then leave. After having a baby, I knew this way of working out wasn't going to work. And I needed to eat a lot better. I was doing too much snacking at night in front of the TV.

When the weight started coming off, you get pumped up and want to do more. I love the total body workouts I do now-it feels good and I can feel a great endorphin rush. My incentive to exercise now is how much I love the people I meet at FT. I've met so many nice people who have been supportive.

When my daughter Hannah was born, I was stuck in sweat pants. Now my pants are loose and droop all over. My husband had a business trip to Mexico, and months ago I started getting nervous about going with him, because I would have to wear a bathing suit. But now I wore my bathing suit and I felt great."

Hilary Ledebuhr, Whitinsville, MA

Hilary Ledebuhr - lost 20 lbs. and 2 pant sizes in 16 weeks*

Besides losing 20 lbs. on the scale, Hilary's reshaped her body with more lean muscle, losing 3 ½ inches on her waist, 2 ½ inches on her hips and 2 inches on her thighs!

"I never really had any kind of workout program in the past. I tried Curves for about 6 months and lost about 6 lbs. But I hit a plateau quickly. I knew that I could only take this so far. I used to hate exercise, but now I enjoy my workouts very much. My trainer and I have a lot of laughs but there is a lot of hard work going on too. She pushes me to try things I would never even consider doing and I find myself surprised at what I am capable of.

Before I started exercising, 80% of my diet consisted of sugar and carbs. I would eat sweets when I got hungry. FT has taught me so much about eating better. Once I started eating more protein and vegetables, I lost weight fast.

With all the changes I have made by eating healthy and exercising, I am so proud that I have gone down 2 pant sizes. I never thought I would see the day that I would fit back into a size 8."*

Dick and Terri Tomaino, Franklin, MA

Dick and Terri Tomaino - Dick’s lost 20 lbs in first 8 weeks of training, Terri’s dropped a pant size and 2 inches off her waist*

Congratulations to Dick and Terri Tomaino, from Franklin, MA. In 8 weeks, Dick has taken 2 ¼ inches of his waist line and lost 20 lbs. His wife Terri has lost 2 inches off her waist and gone down a pant size.*

At age 65, Dick saw it's never too late to start an exercise program. Dick had heart bypass surgery years ago and immediately quit smoking and started eating better. But the weight still crept up year after year. No more. Now Dick has turned himself around, and people are noticing - especially his cardiologist.

"My cardiologist was very happy with my improvements. All my numbers - HDL, LDL and triglycerides, were vastly improved over my last visit,"

Beth Barac, Franklin, MA

Beth Barac - lost 6 inches on her waist in 12 weeks*

In her first 12 weeks, Beth has enjoyed some amazing results. Besides losing 10 lbs. on the scale, she's reshaped her body with more lean muscle, losing 6 inches on her waist, 3 inches on her hips, and an inch on her thighs!* We asked Beth to share her success story.

"After more than 20 years struggling with my weight, I decided I needed to make a lifestyle change. One of the hardest things I've ever done is walk into Fitness Together. Committing to a program was even harder, but it's one of the best things I've done. Only being on the program for 12 weeks, I have learned so much about how I was doing almost everything wrong, even the exercise I was doing. They have taught me how to eat, workout, and still live a normal life, with my body working for me now.

Was it easy? No. There were days I nearly cried because I did not want to go work out. Having someone else be accountable for my workouts helped me with this. I didn't want to let myself down, never mind my trainer. Now I feel like a million dollars! I have NEVER had as much energy and positive motivation as I have now. Now when I miss a workout, I actually miss it."

Gail Blanchette, Medway, MA

Gail Blanchette - lost 4 dress sizes and at age 50 wore a two-piece bikini on vacation (and sent us the pictures to prove it!)*

"I want to thank you for helping me achieve my fitness goals. In May, around my 50th birthday, I realized none of my summer clothes fit, I had fat rolls on my back, and no energy. Part of the weight gain and lack of muscle tone was due to battling fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), a painful neuro-muscular condition. Combine that with, well, I really HATE to exercise and I definitely was on the middle-age downhill slide. I tried it on my own and didn't push myself enough to gain much ground over the battle of the bulge. Large gyms were intimidating and I was afraid I'd hurt myself because I didn't really know what I was doing.

You showed me the correct way to exercise. It was nice to get back into my summer clothes in time for my vacation. I went from a size 10 to a size 6, losing 5 inches on my waist!* And I feel much stronger today. I still have FMS attacks but they don't seem to last as long.*

I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, lots of laughs, and the fact that you took the time to listen. You lifted me up with your kindness when I was having bad days. You cheered me on and patted my back and just made me feel good about myself again. I appreciated the private training space, especially on really bad hair days! (who wants to look like that in a room of 50 people at the gym!)"

Maureen Goldberg, Franklin, MA

According to her tailor, Maureen Goldberg's dress for her son's wedding is "unsalvageable"

Congratulations to Maureen Goldberg of Franklin for the incredible progress she’s made since she started exercising at Fitness Together. Maureen has lost more than 3 inches on both her waist and hips, 15 lbs. on the scale, and increased her upper body strength by 325% (from 4 push ups to 17).*

As her trainers, we owe Maureen a big apology. Her son’s wedding is coming up this summer, and Maureen has transformed her body so much that we’ve ruined her outfit – it’s so big on her now that her seamstress has called it “unsalvageable.” In her own words, here’s Maureen’s story:

“I work out at least 6 days a week, coming in to use the FT cardio equipment when I don’t have a training session. I find it that it’s best to leave the house and all of the distractions to maximize my cardio workout. Starting the day with a workout allows me to have some “me” time and that helps me face what is often a stressful work day.

I put my trust in the recommendations of my trainers and adopted their food plan. I should add that journaling my food intake and being monitored by my trainer was a huge part of the experience. She gave me great tips and recipes for success

I have seen a total body makeover! I’ve lost at least 3 dress sizes* and been told by the seamstress that my pants are unsalvageable. I’ve experienced positive changes, gained strength and confidence."