The hardest part is getting started: take the first step

The hardest part is getting started:
take the first step

Request an Initial Consultation

Our comprehensive fitness program begins with a no strings attached free consultation to determine if we are the right fit for you. If we are, we’ll get the ball rolling on some fantastic results.

  • "The training sessions always leave me sore! The trainers are nice and personable. Even if I don't go down in weight, I can feel myself getting stronger! I felt comfortable and right at home as soon as I started."   ― A. K.

  • "Personalized service, clean facility with good equipment, knowledgeable and personable trainers."   ― M. G.

  • " I enjoy the one on one service and the facility is always clean and inviting. Everyone there has been wonderful!. Charity is amazing to work with! She is thoughtful of my health conditions yet makes my workouts challenging for me. I love knowing I am getting stronger and healthier. Thank you Charity! "   ― K. C.

  • "I like how the training is totally private - and Charity is a great trainer! "   ― S. W.

  • "Clean, personalized, professional, knowledgeable, friendly, fun, challenging, convenient, safe."   ― M. G.

  • "Great personal attention and fitness training!"   ― L. A.

  • "If you are like me, exercise is not my favorite activity something I wouldn’t do on my own. At Fitness Together I have an individual trainer and an individual training program. I am in and out in 45 minutes. No waiting for a machine. No wondering what I should do next and no one else watching me. I feel so much better. I have more energy and I am sleeping soundly. Joining FT was the best decision that I made for myself. "   ― B. F.

  • "Personalized work outs, no gym crowds. Great trainers who are knowledgeable and friendly!"   ― L. A.

  • "Learning how to workout the way you're suppose to. "   ― T. B.

  • "Personalized training program Knowledgeable trainers Clean facility Ease in setting and changing appointments"   ― M. G.

  • "Great trainers, great programming. Really nice facilities. "   ― L. A.

  • "The friendliness and personal attention of the trainers."   ― K. N.

  • "REAL personal training...private studio, individual instruction, attention, and motivation. No intimidation of other clients waiting and watching. Trainers who are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and pleasant to work with. Variety of equipment and exercise options for cardio, strength, and flexibility. Not the same workout every time, so boredom should not happen, nor should plateaus. Workouts ranging from 30-45 minutes, not hours on end. Good hours, convenient location, and parking directly in front. "   ― J. L.

  • "I like the personal training, location, and completing exercise in 45 minutes! "   ― J. K.

  • "Perfect to work on 1:1 and have program designed specifically for my needs. Easy to schedule! Staff is great! Location excellent!"   ― J. P.

  • "Reasons why I like FT: Nice people Clean facility and equipment Knowledgeable trainers Flexibility in scheduling Personalized training regimen "   ― M. G.

  • "I love the one on one training with trainers that really listen to your needs and adjust your work out accordingly. Great staff!"   ― K. N.

  • "What I like about Fitness Together is the ease of making appointments at convenient times since you aren't tied to one trainer. You can request to train with one trainer but you won't necessarily train at your preferred times but all the trainers keep notes on your progress so there is continuity in your training even with different trainers."   ― M. G.

  • "I like the one on one instruction and the willingness to change the work out based on my needs. "   ― K. N.

  • "Love the flexibility to train with husband. Josh our regular trainer is great! We are going twice a week and look forward to it everytime. "   ― N. a. K. D.

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