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Younger Next Year Principles - Part I

Nov 5, 2013

In my last blog post, I talked about a book that’s made a huge impact on me personally -- “Younger Next Year” by Chris Crowley & Henry (Harry) S. Lodge, MD -- and told you about Harry’s 7 rules for living younger. Let’s dig a little deeper into the rules and understand why they are so important. I’ll cover the first three in this post and tackle the last four in my next post.

Rule 1 - Exercise 6 days a week for the rest of your life! Easier said than done for some of us, but once you understand why you should do this and the difference it will make, it is a lot easier to make the commitment and stick to it. Exercising sends your body a constant “grow” message which keeps you younger, stronger, and more limber. Exercising consistently makes an extraordinary difference in your quality of life as you age. As noted in the last blog post, 70% of normal aging problems can be eliminated with lifestyle changes!

Rule 2 - Do serious aerobic exercise 4 days a week for the rest of your life. Between fatty diets and sedentary lifestyles, our circulatory systems can become clogged with plaque and cholesterol as we age. That leaves us at risk for heart attacks, blockages, strokes, etc. Doing aerobic exercise on a regular basis can rebuild our aerobic base and gets our mood elevated with increased endorphins.

Rule 3 - Do serious strength training, with weights, 2 days a week for the rest of your life. Strength training not only helps to make us stronger, but it promotes the restoration of balance and the reduction of falls. Studies have shown that strength training can also increase bone density and reduce the symptoms of numerous diseases and chronic conditions such as arthritis and diabetes.

Commitment to a lifestyle that incorporates daily exercise is a key component to eliminating aging-related problems. A personal trainer can assist you with this commitment. To schedule your free initial consultation, call 410-750-2228 today!


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