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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

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Brenda S.

"My most important goal is to lose my osteopenia diagnosis. My doctor was thrilled with my scan last year- I no longer have osteoporosis and I think it would be awesome to have young bones again. I will find out next spring."

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Anne C.

I work full time at a desk and have a 1.5 hour commute every day. Fitness Together helps me stay mobile, flexible and strong. Working out is part of my "me" time!

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Audrey K.

I've been very lucky in that for most of my life, maintaining a toned, fit body has always basically "taken care of itself."

As my body has aged, I've had to work much harder at it and no matter how much I want it, I have found keeping a consistent exercise routine challenging.

Being older now, I want to be careful not to hurt myself and don't feel confident or comfortable just jumping into a program alone. I also want to have fun or find some enjoyment or fulfillment in what I'm doing. Having a personal trainer gets me into the gym, with someone I really like and working together the time seems to fly. Personal training keeps me accountable, focused and motivated when I hit a wall or when I just don't feel like working out that day.

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Before personal training at Fitness Together
Gain lean muscle with personal training
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Bob S.

I began working out at Fitness Together to prove to myself that at 45 years old, with three children and a demanding job, I could get in shape and complete a triathlon. Six months later, I've gained 12 pounds of lean muscle, increased my endurance and completed a Half Iron Man Competition!*

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Doug P. Testimonial

I want to thank you for working with me over the last six months. I also want to tell you how much I enjoy our eclectic workout conversations. Even though we never really solve all the world problems, we have come close. If only people would listen to our ideas.

Just to let you know I had my six month visit with my physician. I had never told him about the exercise program. When he reviewed my lab results, he asked me if I was exercising. My total cholesterol was down, my triglycerides were down and my HDL-C was up.* He was very pleased!

I also explained to him that I was experiencing more pronounced orthostatic hypotension the last several weeks. He recommended taking me off my diuretic.

So, with my weight loss that you knew about, I have gotten off the diuretic; I am eating more servings of protein; and I have added extra cardio sessions per week on my non-Fitness Together days. We have met/ exceeded the initial goals we had set at the beginning.

Again I want to thank you for guiding me through the six months and cheering me on.


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Joe J.

In preparation for the upcoming rowing season, I set a goal to improve my overall fitness specifically focusing on core and upper body strength. The personalized training plan Brad put together that specifically addressed the key and unique physical requirements for rowing was designed to strengthen those areas and the individual studio setup allowed us to train in an efficient and private environment. Throughout the rowing season I and my rowing coaches noticed vast improvement in my stability and balance in the boat due to increased core strength and my power application and the speed of the boat improved due to more upper body and leg strength. Brad and the set up at Fitness Together have been instrumental in a very successful and exciting rowing season.

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Karen J. before Fitness Together training
Karen J. After Fitness Together training
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Karen J.

Though I'd been working out for years, I didn’t get serious about losing 114 pounds* until these four events shocked me into reality:

(1) I was so out of shape that I had to skip several excursions during a Paris vacation.

(2) I experienced so much pain in my back and feet during a photo workshop in Venice that I was worried I might have to miss future workshops.

(3) I was so embarrassed at my old friends seeing me 100 pounds overweight that I skipped my 30th college reunion.

(4) I learned from a body composition test that at 52, my metabolic age was 67.

Because of Fitness Together’s support – along with a much healthier diet – I am now just nine pounds heavier than my college weight. I have been able to gain a sense of accomplishment that I never thought possible. I look forward to seeing friends I haven't seen in years. And I love shopping for size 10 rather than size 24 clothes.*

The best part? My husband and sons couldn’t be prouder of me!

Please see Karen’s full Fitness Together review.

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Learn strength training with Fitness Together Ellicott City
After FT *

Lori Brown

Thanks again for the great experience at Fitness Together. I am continuing the practice of working out, now with the benefit of knowing how to lift weights.

I wanted to share a photo that captured how happy I was with what I was able to do to get more fit and toned at FT.

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Cathy D. before joining Fitness Together
Cathy D. now!
After *

Cathy D.

I love the trainers! They are absolutely wonderful! They are caring and encouraging and they get results. The facility is clean and bright and makes for a great work-out space. I am so glad I made the decision to get in shape at this facility and with these trainers.

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Richard H. before training with Fitness Together
Richard's progress while training with Fitness Together
In Progress! *

Richard H.

Richard's photos show a body transformation in progress. He has been a Fitness Together client for 3 months and his goal is to white water raft the Grand Canyon in June. He has lost 4% body fat and taken 2" from his waist.*

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Brenda Stup

60+ years old and feeling younger than ever

At 60+ I was starting to feel and look old, but working out with Tim and Kenya has reversed the Tide. I feel younger now than I have in a decade! I’ve only been coming to Fitness Together for about 5 months, but EVERYTHING is easier now: getting up off the floor or out of the tub, gardening, hiking, painting, housework. My husband says my legs look better than they ever have (and we’ve been married for 38 years!), and my “batwings” are gone. At a recent checkup, my doctor told me I’m leaner and my lab results were great.*

I’ve tried other forms of exercise and almost always started to dread going, find excuses not to go, and slack off for one reason or another. Not so with Fitness Together! I always look forward to working out--it feel amazing to push my body closer to its limits and to feel myself getting stronger. I love the variety of exercises, the privacy, and especially the one-on-one personal attention: I don’t have to count reps or worry that I might injure myself, and it’s so motivating to have someone right there cheering me on. You facility is comfortable, clean and beautiful. Please don’t ever leave, because I’m planning on coming here for the rest of my life.

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Beth F.

This is what hard work, dedication and happiness look like! Congratulations to our own Beth Frankovic who is wearing clothes again from 1996!!!! In only 2 months, Beth dropped 7 lbs, reduced her body fat by 3% and at 65yrs old was deemed to be "metabolically" a 55 yr old by our Body Composition Scale.*

Beth possesses the energy and stamina of a 40 year old. She consistently performs 30 mins of additional cardio following every work out at Fitness Together. She is one of our Nutrition Together devotees and it definitely shows!

Thank you Beth! You are our Superstar for December!!!

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Kim S. before Fitness Together
Kim S. after Fitness Together
After *

Kim S.

Kim has been a client since May 2008 and at that time, she weighed 189 lbs. With hard work 3 times per week at FT and a committed nutrition and lifestyle change, Kim is now a svelte and buff 140 lbs!!*

She has kept this weight off and will train with Fitness Together Ellicott City forever! No one would believe that this woman is a 53 year old mother of two and a grandmother of two.

Not only does Kim look fabulous, she has endless energy and loves to buy clothes again!

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D. Martin

Now Training For My First Ever Half Marathon

I began training with Nick in June 2011. I had 2 goals when I began to train. The first: I was concerned about a family history of heart disease. My goal was to lower my blood pressure and body fat. Within 6 weeks my blood pressure was 110/70 (This was measured at my physician’s office).*

My other goal was to train to run in a half marathon in January 2012. I have never run in a race of any type and have become dedicated to train and give my best effort. Nick has been very helpful in developing a program to help meet my goals.

Every work out is a challenge. He keeps the activities interesting so I do not get bored. It is fun to go to the raining sessions to see how he will challenge me each week. He listens to my concerns and keeps the training sessions centered on my goals. As a result of the training, I have become more toned and much stronger. My stamina has increased. I enjoy having the one-on-one training as it keeps me focused and forces me to be accountable. I am very glad I signed up for training at Fitness Together.

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The Lodens

Why I Love Fitness Together!

I began working out at Fitness Together, along with my husband Tim, about five years ago, soon after we lost our oldest son to cancer. For me, it offered an opportunity to try to set aside my grief temporarily for 45 minutes twice a week and concentrate on something I was doing for myself. During my son’s illness I had become somewhat of a recluse, but I had never enjoyed sweating in a large gym with 100 others, not to mention the wait for machines, etc. I totally embraced the one client, one trainer, and one goal philosophy of Fitness Together. Little did I know that in the process of becoming stronger in body (and mind) I would meet many wonderfully supportive people who have become like family.

I train with Felicia, and have for several years. During our 45 minute sessions she instructs me, entertains me, listens to me and counsels me...and, at the same time, never loses count of how many more reps that I need to give her! Five years ago, we began a foundation to honor our son and raise money for head and neck cancer research at Johns Hopkins. Every year we have a golf tournament, and Felicia began helping out four years ago, along with Rob Coombs who also plays every year. Felicia has worked tirelessly to secure donations for us from clients and other friends and always volunteers the day of the tournament, no matter what the weather! Joan jumped on board two years ago, and this year as the new owner of FT, we were lucky enough to have her chose the Jonathan B. Loden Foundation to partner with through the Howard County Magazine’s “giving back” campaign. Together, with the help of many of the awesome clients of Fitness Together, Felicia and Joan raised over $2000.00 for our foundation this year! They also rode around in the pouring rain last week during the tournament at Turf Valley...still raising money for us!

Yes I do love Fitness Together. I love the concept and the workouts, but most of all, I love the generous hearts of everyone there. Thank you, Fitness Together!

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Lesly B.

Stronger Than You Think!

Mike & I are on a Southwest plane to Boston. We parked ourselves in the emergency row seats, but the flight attendant wouldn't let me sit there until she saw me lift my 50lb bag & place it in the overhead bin by myself. She didn't think I could do it, but I showed her!!
I guess working out pays off!

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Martin Austin

5 Stars for Fitness Together

I rank Fitness Together in Ellicott City at Five Stars. One trainer, one client really works. I am never bored. The synergy of having a personal trainers keeps me interested and enthusiastic about my work out. I have the body, strength and endurance I was seeking. Fitness Together is the best gift I ever gave myself.

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Amy Healy

I've Lost 30 Pounds!*

I've Lost 30 Pounds*

Oct 11, 2011 by Amy Healy
Fitness Together
3570 St. Johns Lane
Ellicott City MD, 21042

I finally remembered to send this “5 Star” testimonial.

I have lost 30 pounds* since I began training with Nick/Fitness Together. He pushes me further than I had ever imagined was possible and is always coming up with new and inventive ways to keep me challenged during my workouts. I truly enjoy our time together. It is so wonderful to feel good about myself again. Thanks Nick!

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