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Last-Minute Personal Training Tips to Prep You for the Beach

May 20, 2022

Memorial Day heralds the unofficial kickoff of summer and the entire beach-going season. If you’re worried opportunities have passed you by to prep for a more bathing suit-ready physique, don’t be. These five last-minute personal training tips can help you feel better about yourself, and your lifestyle, before hitting the sand over the next few months. Make...

3 Ways to Work Out Without Disruption During Vacation

May 13, 2022

Vacations are a lot of work, aren’t they? If you’re a parent, the packing, prepping, carrying, covering, lathering, and lugging coolers and beach chairs and buckets and toys to and from the beach is almost a full-time job in and of itself. Even if you’re not on an excursion with the kids, the mere juggling of schedules, booking dinner reservations and making...

4 Tips for an Exercise Plan During Move More Month

Apr 25, 2022

April Fool’s Day, Easter, and Earth Day have their fans, but the real question is: how are you going to recognize Move More Month this April? You say you’ve never heard of it before? Well, sit back and… actually, scratch that. Stand up, jog in place, and bend an ear. A spinoff of National Walking Day, held the first Wednesday of every April, the American...

3 Ways to Balance Personal Training with Peeps this Easter

Apr 12, 2022

Are you a big fan of squishy, sugar-dusted, multicolored Peeps, but afraid that treating yourself this Easter might lead to a marshmallow-like midriff? Don’t sweat it – mentally, that is. As long as you maintain your exercise routine and make an appointment for some calorie-burning cardio after the holiday, it is entirely possible to balance personal training with...

Improve Your Weight Loss Luck with 3 Fat-Burning Exercises

Mar 17, 2022

Exercise, paired with a balanced, nutritious diet, can be the key to weight loss, while also benefiting your body’s overall health. In fact, fat-burning exercises improve your attitude, strengthen your bones, and ward off so many preventable and chronic health conditions (like diabetes). Fat-burning exercises are beneficial when your waistline is worrying you, but they...

The Low-Impact Benefits of a March-in-Place Workout

Mar 9, 2022

So, how many steps have you tallied today? Since the advent of the fitness tracker and the Apple watch, society has been keeping tabs on all of its fancy footwork whenever out and about. And there’s good reason: walking – anywhere, even in place – is a great way to burn calories and contribute to your weight loss goals. As a matter of fact, the march-in-place...

28 Exercise and Health Tips to Help You Conquer Fit February

Feb 23, 2022

Have you heard of the Fit February Challenge? It’s gaining some steam worldwide. The concept, itself – 28 days of exercise, 30 minutes per exercise, while maintaining a balanced diet – is a simple one that can be adapted in almost any way imaginable by fitness studios, gyms, and individuals. So, grab your workout matt, lace your tennis shoes, and make yourself...

4 Heart-Healthy Exercises & Tips to Try this Valentine's Day

Feb 14, 2022

It’s that time of year again – that time when our collective attention turns toward our hearts and the way they make us feel… American Heart Month. (Wait, you were expecting something else?) We kid, but heart disease continues to top the list of medical dangers in our country. The power is in your hands (and arms, legs, feet, and body overall) to change...

The Legend of the January Gym Rush

Jan 25, 2022

New Year’s + Resolutions for Weight loss = new gym memberships. The above formula refers to what is known as the “January gym rush,” and it’s hardly a myth. Traditionally, gym memberships and exercise programs skyrocket in the first month of the New Year as individuals set goals for a fresh, new start.   Occasionally, this uptick in membership...

4 Fitness Life Hacks to Help You Start the New Year Strong

Jan 12, 2022

Boy, last year went fast, didn’t it? Now we’re thrust full throttle into another 12 months of work, play, and whatever else comes down the pike. Many of us have made resolutions for healthier lifestyles, while many others are simply waiting to see what’s on the next page. One thing is for certain – the following four fitness life hacks will help you put...

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