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Will Virtual Training Replace In-Person Fitness Training?

Apr 21, 2021

Fitness Together has experienced tremendous success with our virtual training program. When gyms and studios were forced to close their doors and shut down in-person fitness training as the pandemic raged, high speed Internet, laptops, and mobile phones made it possible for us to connect with our customers, helping them to meet their goals.

As vaccines open to the general public, the country continues to inch forward toward a post-pandemic future. And as we gradually return to more in-person activities, the question continues to pop up: will virtual training replace in-person fitness training?

We typically don’t like to answer a question with a question – but in this case, we’ll make an exception: Would you want it to?

Time will tell what impact the pandemic has had on in-person studio numbers nationwide, but the bottom line is this: Fitness enthusiasts hold the key to when, where, and how their goals are achieved. That has never changed.

A personalized fitness studio can provide the tools and the technique to help you achieve your goals:

  • Private workout suites that create a focused environment free of crowds.
  • State-of-the-art equipment available to you without waits or lines.
  • Customized regimens that are designed to fit your physical and medical history, meeting you where you are in your fitness journey.

Success, though, will always depend upon the individual and his or her commitment to pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Whether that’s making the trek to the studio several times a week, or simply logging on from your kitchen or living room – the choice is yours. As it should be.

But we’ll offer a more succinct answer: No, we don’t believe that virtual training will replace in-person fitness training. There will always be a demand for the camaraderie and give-and-take that is inherent with an in-person experience.

There will also be a demand for highly effective virtual training moving forward. The technology was always present, but now that the results have been experienced by multitudes, first-hand, the world – and our ways of working out – have changed. For the better.

Virtual training, after all, is ideal for those days where you just can’t make it into the studio yet want to stay on track to meet your weekly or monthly fitness goals. It is also perfect for those who have tried, and simply do not enjoy, the studio setting.

Fitness Together Ellicott City prides itself on delivering a custom workout program that is made just for our customers, in-studio or on the go. And as anyone who has ever had the pleasure of working with our certified trainers can attest, there are multiple ways to approach any challenge. It’s all a matter of what works best for you, personally.

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