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Why Nutrition and Personal Training are the Perfect Combo

Jun 9, 2016

Love and marriage. Peas and carrots. Batman and Robin.

Nutrition and personal training.

Like Sinatra crooned, “you can’t have one without the other.”

While some fitness professionals continue to undermine the importance of nutrition to a successful personal training campaign, the fact remains – a proper diet and physical fitness go hand-in-hand. One simply cannot achieve long-term health and wellness without an equal balance of those two strategies.

It’s the simplest of formulas, really: Eating better and exercising regularly is the key.

Think of it this way – food is essentially the fuel your body needs to operate. And only the proper fuel will equip you with the stamina required for exercise that yields results.

By nature, personal training is different for each and every individual. It is important to find an exercise routine you enjoy, stick with it, and enhance that workout by eating correctly. Many personal training clients can slip up, here, engaging in strenuous, intense workout routines, only to lay waste to it all when they go home to a six pack and a large Stromboli.

A certified trainer can help strike a proper balance between nutrition and personal training, helping clients to adhere to national nutritional guidelines, while avoiding the abundance of misinformation that exists. A true nutritionist will similarly never push quick-fix fads or restrictive diets that involve drastic, overnight lifestyle changes. Diets will work for a time, but they will not last.

Like exercise, implementing proper nutrition is about creating a sustainable change in one’s eating habits. A personal trainer or nutritionist can and should provide support while introducing simple changes over time that foster healthy eating habits. Once that is achieved, those healthy eating habits can start producing noticeable results.

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