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Why Men Avoid the Doctor – And How it Hurts Their Personal Fitness

Jun 10, 2014

Most men take their personal training sessions seriously, working hard to meet their weekly goals. When it comes to visiting the doctor, however, some need personal training in how to schedule an appointment.

Some men go decades without as much as an annual check-up!

Why? Many men get a sense of pride from not needing medical services. To them, it means they can take care of themselves.

In spite boosting their egos, however, avoiding the doctor can wear down men’s bodies.

Here are three reasons that all men – including healthy men who engage in personal fitness training – should visit their doctors regularly.

(1) You can’t catch everything yourself. While you’re working out, your personal fitness trainer provides encouragement and assistance through spotting. After all, you can’t see behind your back, especially while facedown doing push-ups. But you can’t see inside your own body, either, which is why it’s a good idea to consult somebody who does – your doctor.

(2) New tests can help save your life. Just as your personal trainer is constantly tweaking your routine, the medical community is constantly tweaking existing tests – and creating new ones – that can detect signs of illness earlier. Don’t forgo these potentially life-saving tests: It’s like refusing to stretch before working out!

(3) Your family and friends need you. Your kids will always love you, no matter how many bicep curls you can do. What does matter to your family, however, is that you’re still around. Going to the doctor can help treat and prevent potential conditions that could cut your life short – and leave your family grieving alone.

Personal fitness is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. But visiting your doctor regularly is important, too. Remember, you don’t have to visit your doctor as often as you visit your personal trainer. Compare once or twice a year to once or twice a week!

Remember, scheduling a doctor’s appointment is not a sign of weakness. Actually, it’s a sign of strength. And with all the strength you’ve developed through your personal training sessions, you’ll want to strengthen your longevity, too.

How often do you visit your personal trainer? Are you interested in personal training but are not sure where to start?

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