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Top Trainer Tips for a Healthier Beach Body

May 13, 2021

Maintaining our fitness regimens as we begin to age is critical at any time of the year. But as the days begin to grow longer, the temperatures begin to increase, and the world returns to recreation – the shore is calling vacationers far and wide. Working toward a healthier may be at the top of your to-do list.

Looking to get in shape just in time for that much-needed 2021 vacation? Here are five fresh tips from the pros:

  • More protein! Not only does increasing your protein intake help to promote lean muscle mass, but studies have shown that it can aid in weight loss, as well, when consumed throughout the day.
  • Fewer indulgences! We’re habitual creatures, and prone to reaching for an impromptu snack here and there (and there) – which was particularly problematic during the pandemic and lockdown. Even when the snacks are healthy, those extra calories can begin to pile high. Balanced meals throughout the day are one of the keys to a more toned beach body. Another? Cutting down on cocktails and alcoholic beverages temporarily. Not only are the calories concerning, but when we drink, we tend to stray from our diets and fitness plans.
  • Lots of sleep! Not only does a good night’s rest allow your body to recharge after an intense workout (more on that later), but it will strengthen your reserve. Not enough zzz’s can lead to hormonal imbalances, increased late-night snacking, and daily fatigue that contributes to skipped studio sessions and decreased motivation.
  • Improved posture! It stands to reason, if you are constantly slouching in your desk chair, a beach body is most likely not your most defining attribute. But! It can be. Bad posture can wreak havoc on every facet of your fitness regimen and lifestyle. It extends to virtually everything you do and can contribute to joint pain, muscle loss, and a lack of flexibility. Posture makes perfect. Fix that first, and the rest will begin to fall into place. Additionally, if your goal is a trim waist, one of the best places to start is the upper back. Exercises like bent over dumbbell rows can help you define those back muscles and draw attention away from your waist.
  • Go straight to the core! A beach body demands a strong core. Ask your personal trainer about the benefits of emphasizing pushups, squats, and deadlifts during your next session.

Booking the rental, finding the beach chairs, and buying that new bikini are all on the vacation itinerary. Add routine workouts at a personal fitness studio to the list and start working toward that brand new beach body today. Fitness Together Ellicott City would love to help you make waves this summer. Contact us to find out how we can help.


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