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Top 3 Ways to Make Fitness Fun Again

Jul 14, 2014

Personal training isn’t something you have to do. But sometimes it can feel that way, especially when you face a long day at the office after an early work-out.

Regardless when you schedule your personal fitness training sessions, you can make them fun again. All you need is a quick change in perspective!

Infuse some fun into your routine with these three tips:

(1) Think of personal fitness training as a game.

Games reward players for their skills but don’t punish them for failure. Think of your training as a points-oriented game: something fun that involves a healthy balance of challenge and consequences.

(2) Think of personal fitness training as an adventure.

When you started personal training, you looked forward to learning new exercises and using different equipment. Think of personal training as an adventure that allows you to conquer new and exciting physical feats.

(3) Think of personal fitness training as a social outing.

You and your trainer talk not only about fitness but also about your personal lives. So think of each training session as a social event – a chance to catch up with a loyal friend who is invested in your success.

In addition to changing your perspective, make fitness fun by switching your exercise schedule from before work to after. Evening training is a great way to reduce stress and relax as you wind down from the day.

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