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Top 3 Benefits of DNA-Driven Health Management

Nov 26, 2018

DNA testing and analysis has made great strides in determining markers for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cancer.

Now, the science is being used to help people pursue weight loss successfully.

With just a simple cheek swab, genetics testing is increasingly being used to pair health enthusiasts with exercise and diet regimens custom-tailored to their chromosome-predicted potential for success.

DNA-driven health management programs can help individuals understand if their bodies are predetermined to respond to low-fats or low-carbs.

Here are three of the top benefits of engaging in this fascinating new blend of science and skill:

  1. New insights about your body are discovered: Genetic testing uses a physical specimen – blood, saliva, or tissue – to reveal specific information about your chromosomes or genes. Data is culled and evaluated regarding those genes that may differ between individuals. The results – known as a “genotype” – provide your body’s unique roadmap.

Data-driven health management examines genes related to four major fitness categories:

  • Weight loss
  • Macronutrients in the diet
  • Micronutrients in the diet
  • Response to exercise

An analysis then shows which gene combinations you have in each category, and a rating is calculated to predict your potential for success in those areas.

  1. Customized suggestions for diet and exercise are provided: Based on your ratings in each fitness category, personalized health tips can be offered regarding exercise and diet regimens. These suggestions, based on extensive medical research, offer insight into how to maximize your body’s ideal weight loss potential.

It is important to keep in mind that an above or below average rating in a certain category does not definitively mandate performance. A below average rating, in other words, is not necessarily a death blow on a person’s ability to lose weight. Instead, these ratings are meant to show an increased or decreased potential for certain health traits.

For example, unfavorable gene combinations could potentially make one individual more resistant to weight loss when compared to another person with a more favorable genotype, even when cutting calories and exercising.

The goal is to pinpoint those areas in which you may excel, and those in which you may need additional guidance, and design a comprehensive fitness program to facilitate the most ideal outcomes.

  1. A certified personal trainer can personalize your new health plan: The science behind genetic testing is astounding, as are the doors it can open for those seeking to lose weight in an informed and exciting way. But your genetic test will only take you so far. A certified personal trainer will consider not only your genetic analysis, but also personal history related to body weight, and his or her own certified training to determine the lifestyle changes that could benefit you most.

Fitness Together offers DNA-driven health management through a collaboration with personalized health management company Genetic Directions. These programs combine the science of genetic testing with the convenience of modern technology to help our clients lead healthier lives.

Our personal trainers incorporate our customers’ Genetic Directions results into exercise and nutrition planning, providing personalization

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