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The Top 5 Benefits of Keeping a Fitness Journal

Oct 26, 2021

We know what you’re thinking: “Workouts AND writing? Not cool. I exercise to AVOID paperwork.” But hear us out. Keeping a fitness journal can accentuate your visits to the personal training studio in so many ways.

Here are the top five:

  1. It’s a great chronicle of your progress: Establishing baselines are great when keeping a fitness journal. From body weight and body fat measurements to exercises completed and perfected – your journal will help you keep detailed documentation of your goals and achievements and hours logged at the personal training studio.
  2. It helps you replicate those successes: Think about it: every pound lost, every muscle toned, and every personal milestone achieved – it’s a lot of data. The details are bound to get lost in the shuffle if you don’t write them down as you go along. In short: keeping a fitness journal helps to boost your efficiency. The opposite is true, as well. Jotting down those moments that you hit a snag, or receive some constructive criticism from your personal trainer, can help you avoid hang-ups in the future.
  3. It allows you to assess your capability: Recording any aches and pains after you exercise can help you and your trainer determine if you are well-suited to your regimen, or if adjustments are needed. Some soreness is to be expected – and can even be a sign that your workout is doing its job. On the other hand, excessive pain may send up a red flag that those kettle bell reps – or any other strenuous exercises – are not working for you, but against you.
  4. It helps you cross-reference with your trainer. Chances are if you have a personal trainer – they are keeping their own detailed reports on your weekly sessions. Take time to exchange notes to make certain they align (for the most part). If there are big discrepancies – you can address them then and there and get back on the same page before your next visit.
  5. It assists with scheduling. Exercise is important. Life is busy. And things come up. Keeping a fitness journal can help you identify patterns and gaps and allow you to better fit fitness in whenever time allows.

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