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The 4 Sign-Up Bonuses of One-on-One Personal Training

Apr 24, 2017

One-on-one personal training can deliver a number of long-lasting results, including a trimmer form, increased energy and stamina, lessened anxiety and stress, and a longer, healthier life overall. In seniors, in fact, high-intensity interval workouts have even been shown to reverse the effects of aging on a cellular level.

But these are gradual improvements – results that rely on personal dedication and repeated, calibrated exertion over time. In other words, success will not happen overnight, though many individuals will undoubtedly receive an endorphin rush following their first bout of exercise.

If you are considering a healthier lifestyle, however, and are wondering if there are any immediate incentives to signing up for one-on-one personal training, you are in luck. The following four perks are generally included with the basic personal training package:

  • A professional: Your one-on-one personal training guru will be someone who listens to your story, hears your concerns, and gets to understand your goals and needs – then uses all of this information to design an individualized exercise plan for you, and you alone.
  • A program: Your exercise strategy will be custom-tailored and optimized for your body type, skill level, and personal preferences. Previous training and a detailed medical history will be taken into account to keep you safe throughout each session and expedite results.
  • A partnership: Just like Batman and Robin, Riggs and Murtaugh, or Han and Chewie, your personal trainer will make a wholesale commitment to your well-being, without ever having met you prior to the day you sign. This partnership is a two-way street, however, and requires communication, trust, and accountability on both sides.
  • A promise: Your personal trainer will give his or her all as long as you vow to do the same.

At Fitness Together, our certified personal trainers will ensure your comfort in one of our private suite environments, where every minute is not only purposeful, but enjoyable, too. Our one-on-one personal training combines enthusiasm, knowledge, care, personalization, accountability, and support, and is designed to eliminate waiting and wasted time. Not only will you receive the four benefits listed above when signing up, but you will see real results, faster, and will feel better - guaranteed. Contact us today to get started.


Schedule a complimentary fit evaluation so we can get to know you and your goals and build you a customized training program to reach them.