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The 4 Best Workouts for Busy Dads (and Granddads!)

Jun 9, 2021

The experts agree: When it comes to the best workouts for dads, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a fat-burning, dad bod-busting regimen that challenges the entire body and fosters an invigorated metabolism through short, intense reps. HIIT is also infinitely adaptable, with bodyweight exercises, burpees, cycling, sprints, and more all fitting the mold. The point is to get your heart pumping.

Functional training, too, is high on the list of dad-approved exercise, as it hones all muscles and, in essence, teaches them to work together to perform everyday tasks like hauling heavy (toy) boxes, mowing the lawn, and playing with your kids or grandkids.

Whatever the case, dads of every shape and size should aim for exercises that work the entire physique, while keeping the workout simple enough that it can easily be repeated two to three times per week (or until you can get to the fitness studio).

Here are just four versatile exercises dedicated dads should try this Father’s Day:

  • Push-ups or chest presses are ideal upper body workouts and go a long way toward toning your arms and chest. Chest presses, in particular, develop muscle tissue while helping to build strength and power that comes in handy when pushing your child – or grandchild – in a stroller.
  • Lunges provide a stellar workout for your lower body, while improving balance and flexibility. Better yet, they’re easy enough to achieve at home, in your living room, whether you’re keeping an eye on a newborn, running a fifth grader through his spelling words, or pretending to understand algebra. Add dumbbells when you’re in the studio for some added oomph.
  • When it comes to the core, grab your metaphorical rope and carabiners, and climb that mountain. Mountain climbers work multiple joints and muscle groups simultaneously – practically providing a full-body workout in and of themselves. Mountain climbers target the hips, legs, abs, glutes, back, and more, making them a phenomenal asset when it comes to agility and mobility, and they get your heart pumping, delivering a wealth of cardiovascular benefits.

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