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Strength Training for Older Adults

Dec 19, 2013

Studies have shown that strength training for seniors builds up bone and muscle as well as improves senior balance and mobility. Strength training can also increase bone density and reduce the symptoms of numerous diseases and chronic conditions. Improving muscle strength can make a real difference in your ability to perform everyday tasks and in your body composition. Your weight may not have changed, but chances are that your muscle mass has declined over the years if you haven’t been incorporating strength training into your exercise regimen. But it’s not too late to correct that.

Regular strength training should be performed at least two days a week. If you have not previously completed strength training exercises, you will want to work with a personal trainer who can help you determine the best exercises for you and guide you on proper form and technique.

When most people think of strength training, they think of lifting weights. However, strength training can take many forms and incorporate just your own body weight, exercise bands, medicine balls, and more. Your trainer can design the program that is best for you and your current fitness level. They will also keep you interested and enthused about your workouts so that you can meet and exceed your personal health and fitness goals.

The biggest misconception about strength training is that it will make you look bulky. However, muscle tissue is much leaner than fat tissue. Therefore, as your fat level decreases and your muscle tissue increases, you body will take on a much more trim and sculpted look. So not only will you be healthier, you will look better too!

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