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Stay Active This Spring With the Three Rs

Apr 30, 2013

Spring means more than warm weather and the chance to exercise your green thumb, it also means a fresh take on your workout routine. This month, while we admire the beautiful colors of the season and celebrate Mother Earth, you can bring some “green” to your fitness regimen by focusing on the Three Rs we have established for protecting the environment: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.


In our modern culture, the old adage “more is better” usually rings true when it comes to technology and convenience. When it comes to the health and vitality of our planet, however, we believe that the fewer toxins in the air, the better our health – and the health of Earth – will be. By riding bikes to work or jogging/running to the grocery store, you can reduce your car’s exhaust and emissions and, ultimately, decrease your and your family’s carbon footprint. And try forgoing your treadmill for the paths around your neighborhood a few days a week to save electricity!


We produce a lot of waste in our daily life. Whether you are throwing away plastic grocery bags, water bottles, or sandwich baggies, many of the products we use for convenience can be reused again and again. Try implementing a zero-waste philosophy for your fitness routine by using travel mugs or reusable water containers throughout the day.


Working out doesn’t always have to be self-serving; you can stay fit while giving back to the community, too. Volunteer at a local recycling center, where you will lift and organize recyclable goods. You can also get out into your garden and recycle any lawn clippings.

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